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Belonging- Precious Movie Poster

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“Precious” – Movie Poster The aspect of belonging featured in the movie poster for the new film “Precious” is the concept of isolation within society, demonstrated through the single character depicted throughout the whole frame, as well as the other various visual techniques used. Through the visual and textual form of communication used to convey the film’s message in regards to not belonging, we are able to decipher the hidden intentions behind the irregularly constructed film advertisement.

Within the frame itself, the entire space solely includes what is possibly the main character.

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Belonging- Precious Movie Poster
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Through the image being faceless, it maintains a universal persona – possibly connoting the fact that the features woman is in fact a stereotype, hinting to the notion that this sense of isolation is prevalent amongst African American women. The “fat black” representation of the female depicted communicates further, that this stereotyped group of women may be victims of isolation as a whole.

As a race with a history of discrimination and victims of racial misconduct, the poster may be alluding to the possible emphasis on the movie reflecting this idea, and relaying the personal experiences of a typical overweight African American woman.

An interesting feature used in creating an original movie advertisement is the way in which the visual dimensions of the frame are shared through an expressionistic form of painting; thereby adopting the use of messy brush strokes. These brush strokes may hold a deeper meaning in the analysis of the image as a whole.

Following onto the above suggestions of isolation evident through the single centrally featured character, the reason for this style may have been to convey the desired emotions of empathy and compassion towards the lonely figure through expression, rather than to depict a real life image. Alternatively, the messiness may also exhibit the outward, stereotypical image of Indigenous cultures as perhaps messy, undefined, and even unhygienic. Finally, it is apparent that after initially viewing the advertisement, there is no title pertaining to the film being portrayed. After a closer nspection it is evident that the title is located as the given name on the name necklace highlighted on the persona. The name “Precious” may hold significant resonance with the concept of isolation and disaffection that the movie expresses, for as a self titled necklace of which the likes are commonly worn today, the name may be a comment on the external un-appreciation for the lives of these women. The word precious itself conveys a sense of value and, therefore it may be an implicit cry for these women to openly express their worth, and in turn, be visibly esteemed by society.

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