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Ben and jerry case

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Ben and Jerry’s
Andrew Xiao – 202739920

1. Does the Japanese market differ from European markets that Ben & Jerry attempted to enter in the past? Yes or no and why? What are the implications? Japanese Market:
highly complex distribution system driven by manufacturers.
strong barriers to foreign products
immense distance for shipping a frozen product
most affluent country in the world, demanding high quality products with great varieties of styles and flavors market seemed to welcome imported ice cream
low consumption historically of dairy products, but this consumption was increasing

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Ben and jerry case
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European Market:
fragmented markets in UK, France, and Benelux
higher established consumption of dairy products
entry through opportunistic ventures, supermarkets, joint ventures, etc… distinctive market in UK, but lagging in France with no coordination from the parent company.

Japanese market is demanding for the product that Ben & Jerry’s is providing A lot of competition in the superpremium products category in Japan – need strategic planning and partnerships in Japan in order to gain market share in this category

2. Should Ben & Jerry commit to entering the Japanese market the following summer? Yes or no and why? Japan should be a very important market consideration for Ben & Jerry Increasing market share capabilities with more consumption of dairy products High demand for foreign imported products and brands

Leverage on brand image to attract local consumers to try the ice-cream and
start gaining market share

3. If Ben & Jerry were to enter the Japanese market, which entry mode would you recommend and why? Partnership with 7-11 Japan stores for initial entry, they have no connections in the country and as such must rely on a strong distributor for their product. Market product to Family Mart to make Ben & Jerry a household name. Most Japanese consumers consider ice-cream an individual snack item as opposed to a family dessert. Thus, in order to gain market share, they must make Ben & Jerry an easily accessible premium snack item. Establish vending machine space and distribution across Japan to make it an easily accessible and recognizable snack item.

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