Bend It Like Beckham Essay

Stereotypes generally refer to statements made from members of society about ceratin groups, at times regarding appearance, culture, disability, this includes things such as; all men do it better than women or mainstream women are not as conserved as cultured women, assuming someone by appearance is also a stereotype; a girl has black hair and favours the colour black, she is most likely to be stereotyped based purely on non fiction opinions created by society.

In Bend it Like Bekham there are some significant examples indicating the effects of stereotyping and generalising. In the film we see an ordinary girl by the name of Jesminda who is raised in a sikh family culture this culture being completely structured,. Jesminda is caught between society within her culture as well as coping with mainstream society. The entire concept in itself focuses as a prime in the film as Jesminda aspires to be a soccer champion although her family prefers the latter, having a cultured matrimony and the establishment of her own family.

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Soccer is said to be a “Male Sport” this is not only a stereotype it is also a generalising opinion regarding the effects of culture interaction in this case the Sikh culture and the western society. The film clearly shows in the wedding scene that Jesminda’s sister had the “ideal” wedding, according to the culture, this is when it becomes noticeable that Jesmindas prolonged track in her life she is longing to grasp although it includes too many obstacles.

Jesmindas family having the greatest impact on her career decisions make it very diffcult for Jesminda to pursuer her future prospects in going for and fufiling her soccer dreams. In this film we see a technique of stereotyping which has to do with her family Jess is turned away from everything because she is confused she dosent know whether to make her family happy and stay at home and resume normal domestic household duties or become a famous and world wide soccer player. Inconclusion bilb shows a lot of techniques and also demonstraits the type of journey that Jesminda is and will be going through.

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