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Benefits of Alcohol v Costs

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Whitney HoppesPer. 0210.22.01Benefits of Alcohol v. Social CostsAn anti-alcohol bill could never pass in America’s pluralistic society. To ban alcohol in this country would be to step on the toes of many cultural leaders, and cause an extreme economic loss. Anything is dangerous in excess and perhaps the campaign on alcohol should be to teach moderation and better identify the genetic disorder of alcoholism. Alcohol is a dynamic part of European culture. It has integrated America in an unwelcome manner.

A majority of America is interested or descended from the ethnicity that flooded the American coasts in the 1800’s. However, the truth is that an Irish Wake could not take place without a pint. The communion of the Catholic Church would be phenomenally less meaningful without the communion wine. The descendants of an aristocrat understand that the value of a man is expressed in the total value of the wine cellar and in the imports from vacations abroad. There is no greater gesture than an expensive casks.

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Benefits of Alcohol v Costs
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The modern said and proven health benefits of a glass of wine with dinner have affected the American businessperson and encouraged this post-work tradition. However, there is no considerable difference in the percent of alcoholism since the release of this heart science. In Italy it is often a practice to put wine in with milk in baby bottles to help colic babies sleep. Gluttony is rarely a common trait, food or alcohol. However I do believe that alcohol gluttons pose a considerable health risk for American public and action needs to be taken against gluttons as a whole, in violation individual rights or not.

Alcoholism is a huge industry. The Sierra Nevada Brewery in Chico provides many jobs in Butte County. Despite the economic provisions of a winery or brewery and the incredible amount of alcohol that is purchased in America daily, alcoholism takes a tremendous toll on the welfare and American support system.

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