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Benjamin Franklin Autobiography

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Josiah Franklin came in America with three kids ND two more were born after their arrival in New World, with his wife Ann Franklin who died in the age of 34 years old. Five months after Josiah Franklin lost his first wife Ann Fran kiln, he married again a girl from Nantucket, name Bah Folder she raised Ann.’s surviving five children and have ten more children of four girls and six boys including Benjamin Franklin the number fifteen of the seventeen the youngest son.

She is a strong native lady that lived healthy until she’s in her eighties was never sick until the day of her death.

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Young Benjamin Franklin was unusual and proud child he said. “l do not remember when could not read,” he recall). He is determined never to be made fun of the second time for the same mistake he made. Whatever he wished. On “One day, he was given a little money to buy his way to the shop he met an older boy blowing a whistle.

Charmed by his marvel, he bought it for all the coins in his pocket. When he got home and exasperated everybody with his shrill whistling, he was teased by one and all for having paid such an exorbitant price for silly object, a lesson he never forgot.

Spending your money unwisely not only makes you look foolish but it is wrong. This makes his father to send the eight year old boy to a special grammar school in his preparation for ministry, due to the expenses his father have a second thought and pulled him back out of grammar school and sent him to the ordinary school that just taught reading, writing, and arithmetic. Another two years of formal education was all the schooling that Franklin ever received.

Franklins father then chose for his son as an Apprenticeship trade, this was the principle means of skills for monstrous men in preparing for the world at that time, so he began training Franklin as candle and soap maker. But he did not like the cutting and the smell Of it, and his father finally agreed to change his trade in the printing because of his “Bookish Inclination’ after all printing was the most fitted of requiring reading, spelling and writing ability witch Franklin enjoy doing best. That boy, as Franklin later recalled in his Autobiography, was “extremely ambitious” to become a “tolerTABLE English Writer. He would read anything that he can read weather news paper, poetry and any book to the point where he would barrow books to read it over night and return it the next day not unless somebody needed it. He will read and read reading materials to memorize it and rewrite it so that it can be understand well. He become a very well known writer ATA young age. He started working for his brother James Franklin in New York when James open the New England Currant and Franklin activities were abundant from day to day the Currant began as an anti inoculation and anti establishing paper.

Franklin wrote his first essay series in America in 1722, supposedly by a middle aged widow named “Silent Dogwood” after that he compose several hoaxes, satires, and essay for his brothers press. Then James Franklin was jailed by authority in 1 722 and in 1723 and Benjamin Franklin run the printing shop through the help Of James friend during his imprisonment. After James was release from jail he was discontent because his brother was running the business then he would Quarrel with Ben and sometimes beat him up.

So Franklin quit the job and run away to Philadelphia because there was no work in New York for him. And was competitive in his line of work so Samuel Skimmer a printer hired him on October 1723. Franklin lodge next to the printing shop with John and Sarah Read, Who have a aught Deborah supposed to be his future wife. And later on was engage with that beautiful lady wanting to marry her but William Keith Pennsylvania Governor is impressed by Franklin abilities who promise him to own a business of printing press but needed the funding for it.

First he wanted him to go to London England to get his printing press equipment and promise that he would send some letter of recommendation and funding, when Franklin decided go to London he wanted to get married but Deborah mom discourage him and he decided to marry her later when he get back from England. When he arrived in London nothing is send as he was promise. The funding was not send by William Keith. Franklin was extended for nine months due to financial issue was stranded and he cannot go back to Philadelphia.

He wrote Deborah a letter and did not write her again trying to forget about her, she probTABLE got the message so she married John Rogers a good potter but a poor husband. Benjamin found work and recover from a panic of being stranded in London. Ralph who he met during the trip become his close friend and the two of them launched out in the joyous of owing wild oats for a season, was living the lavish life irresponsible and self – indulgence. Being not bad enough for a child of a Puritan he repented his sin and wrote a pamphlet entitled “A Dissertation on Liberty and Necessity, pleasure and pain”.

Ralph turned away from his sin and both of them went their own way. About being in London for eighteen months Franklin decided to go back to Philadelphia with this in mind frugality, honesty, industry, and diplomacy. He was hired back In his old employer and started a printing press with a partner and after two year they are well known on heir work name Pennsylvania Gazette “Writing in middle age to a romantic young lady whom he wanted to impress, Franklin ascribed his decision to the powerful pull exerted by “the cord of love and friendship” (poor abandoned Deborah? “- Weary Deborah parted from her husband and found herself in limbo and unmarried or free. Franklin felt really bad and shame toward her and was convicted through reading papers, advice, and Psalmist (68:6) turned once more toward Deborah now a widow and have a child that was not announce as their child and finally after ventured through the difficulties Benjamin took Deborah to wife on September 1, 1730. He have three children his illegitimate son William and two daughters Sally and Francis.

Admire for Franklin talent he was the most well known in America and in Europe as talented all around whether in science, inventor, poetry, politic, journalist, pamphleteer, essay and printer, at his age from poor to riches, he excel himself by learning on his own. A short biography on Benjamin Franklin, who’s been famously called the ‘first Citizen of the 1 8th Century. ” A man of many trades, Franklin is famous for “Poor Richards Almanac,” as well as his work in electrical theory. He invented Stove, electrostatic machine, glass, lightning rods, (that still original in use today).

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