Beowolf Essay

Sergio Salazar
Beowulf The “Epic Hero”
AP Eng 4

Beowulf was seen as an epic hero from the start but once he killed Grendel , glory was just not enough for him. Once the message from Denmark got to Geatland Beowulf was on his feet to defeat the monster known as Grendel. He sailed to Denmark to fight the vicious monster. On arriving to Denmark Beowulf was greeted to stay at the mead hall. The mead hall was the place where Grendel would go and feast on his victims.

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When Grendel tried to eat Beowulf he came to realize that Beowulf was no ordinary man. When Grendel Grabbed Beowulf the muscles and roughness from Beowulf’s body didn’t feel right in his hand. Beowulf started fighting once this happened and managed to rip off Grendel’s arm along with his claw. Grendel bled to death running away and swimming into his underwater lair. With his defeat came glory. Once Beowulf saw that everybody was praising him the next battle was where the Boastful side of him came out.

When Denmark called back Beowulf that Grendel’s mother was getting revenge for the killing of her son. Beowulf once again stood on his feet and came back to Denmark. This time he was the most boastful hero you had ever seen. Beowulf felt as if he could defeat anything and everything that comes upon him. Everybody in Denmark greeted Beowulf with the up most respect. That not only pleased Beowulf but fed his alter ego. When Grendel’s mother came into the picture Beowulf was quick to fight her. Once Beowulf defeated Grendel’s mother in a traitorous battle for fame and revenge. Beowulf became king in Geatland and was seen as a god. The common day warriors now had a god, a king, a follower they can depend on. They felt safe under the arm of Beowulf. Beowulf was seen as an epic hero because of all the monsters and people he had fought. He didn’t let all the fame get to his head until Denmark came along with Grendal and the mother. This battle made him realize that he could accomplish a lot more than.

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