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“Beowulf”- A Story About an All Time Hero



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    One of the most popularized books is “Beowulf”. It is a story about an all time hero. In this story Beowulf is named a hero because not only for his deeds, but his quality of how does them.Beowulf is characterized as being brave, smart, and strong.

    One of Beowulf’s qualities is that he’s brave. Beowulf is considered to be very brave because he does all type of brave deeds. Beowulf crosses a long lake in order to fight his enemy. Any person who crosses a long lake just to fight something is brave. Beowulf is also brave for facing his enemy without any weapons. Beowulf realizes that he can lose, but being the brave person that he is goes to his enemy empty-handed. Beowulf’s courage is very unique for one of his qualities. He can be best judged as a brave man in any situation.

    Another one of Beowulf’s qualities is that he’s smart. Beowulf is best described as a smart man because he observes his enemy to watch for all of there sudden moves. Beowulf is very smart for doing this because this way he knows everything about the enemy before it makes its move. Beowulf is also smart for bringing a iron sheild with him to fight the fire-breathing dragon. Beowulf is smart for doing this because being the intelligent man that he is, he knows that he will need it if the dragon is to breath the fire on him. Beowulf’s intelligence is well spoken for him because he knows what to do in all sorts of situations without having to think about them.

    The last one of Beowulf’s qualities is that he’s strong. Beowulf is talked to be one of the strongest men alive of all his nationality. He holds this title because he can do what no other of his kind can, with their strength. Beowulf is so strong that he pulls off Grendel’s arm with his bear hands. Any man that can hold something that is ten times their size should be considered the strongest man alive. Beowulf is also so strong that he can hold the giant sword that he finds in the dragon’s lair with his bare hands.

    Out of all Beowulf’s qualities he best spoken as a good person. As you can see Beowulf is best sought as good sumaritan. He does all of his deeds for people with them paying him. That is why Beowulf is said to be a real hero.

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