Beowulf (Christian & Pagan) Essay

Beowulf was written approximately in the late 800’s AD - Beowulf (Christian & Pagan) Essay introduction. The story of Beowulf is about the mysteries of the afterlife. Beowulf who is also the main character, had no fear of Grendel, an evil monster. It is because Beowulf believed that he and Grendel are called together by fate. Beowulf also showed his faith of the society when he told Hrogthgar that “Fate will unwind as it must”. After the death of Grendel, the soldiers did not feel mercy since they believed that Grendel was supposed to die and nobody can defy the destiny. Furthermore, the soldiers also thought that Grendel deserved to die because he was brutal.

Beowulf was published in the Anglo-Saxon Period which lasted from 449 AD o 1066 AD. At that time, the theme ‘death’, ‘afterlife’ and ‘fate’ were so popular in British literatures. The Christian review about Beowulf had shown different point of view on death and afterlife. Beowulf is a pagan. His strong belief in fate reflected the society of pagan belief in destiny. However, referring to the fact that the society was pagan at that time, they did not believe in the afterlife. Throughout the story, Beowulf is referred as supernatural.

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The supernatural essence was a pagan idea. However, the Danes, the victims of Grendel’s attacks pray to God for help. And this is a Christian practice. At the end of the poem, Beowulf surrendered his life to save his people. The sacrifice is very similar to the way of Jesus Christ sacrificed his life to save the humanity from terrible sins. The story of Beowulf is the mixture of pagan and the Christian. Even though the main theme can be seen as the paganism idea, however, there are a lot of circumstances in the story which are the Christian practice.

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