Bible 105 – Final Exam Review Essay

Bible 105 – Final Exam Review
The Poetic Books: Aspiration for Christ
-Theme is aspiration for Christ
1. Job is the Salvation by redeemer
2. Psalms is communion with God
3. Proverbs is wisdom of the Lord
4. Ecclesiastes is purpose of Life
5. Song of Solomon is Union with Christ
-Poetic Periods are:
A. patriarchal: job
b. Davidic: Psalms
-Solomon, proverbs, Ecclesiastes
* Five different forms of Parallelism are displayed in the Poetic Books:
– Synonymous (same thought)
– Antithetic (opposite thought)
-synthetic (thought build)
* External and Internal Parallels
-Purpose of Poetry is to
Praise God for creation, salvation, providence, blessings, redemption, loving – kindness.

Liturgical Use meaning Passover, Purim, fast of Ab, and Pentecost. Convey Wisdom: the different forms are proverbs, riddle, parable, analogy, and song. The different themes are nature of man, retributive justice, universalism, and eternal life. Pictures of Christ:

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Bible 105 – Final Exam Review
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Job – Redeemer of Life
Psalms – Song of Praise
Proverbs – Wisdom of God
Ecclesiastes – Purpose of Life
Song of Solomon – Lover of your Soul
The Prophetic Books: Expectation for Christ
Meaning – A. Forth tell Gods Message (preach)
B. Foretell the future (predict)
Methods – Courageous, Confrontational, Corrective, Conditional, and
Charismatic *Marks of a True Prophet
-harmony with Law of Moses
-authentications by miracle
-100 % fulfillment or predications
-spiritual discernment
Message- Visual and Verbal
1. Verbal – object lessons
2. Verbal- preaching sermons
Messianic Prophecy: Predictions of Christ
1.Genesis: Born of Women, Line of Abe, and a Tribe of Judean. 2.Isaiah: Buried with the Rich, Death with Thieves, Rejected by Israel, Born of A Virgin. 3.Psalms: Raised from the dead, crucifixion, betrayed for 30 pieces of silver. 4.Zechariah: Crucifixion, Forsaken by his disciples, Triumphal entry. Mission of the Prophets:

-resentence: turn back to God
-reformation: conform to the law
-restoration: rebuild the nation
-revival: moral and spiritual renewal
-regeneration: spiritual birth
Non Writing: Gad, Nathan, Elijah, Elisha
Pre-Exilic: Obadiah, Joel, Jonah, Amos, Hosea, Isaiah, Micah, Nahum, and Zephaniah Exilic: Jeremiah, Daniel, and Ezekiel,
Post -Exilic: Haggai, Zechariah, and Malachi
Picture of Christ:
Isaiah- Prince of Peace
Jeremiah and Lamentations – Righteous Branch
Ezekiel – Glory of God
Daniel- Anointed One
Minor Prophets: 12
1. Hosea –salvation, illustrates god’s love for Israel, theme is undying love. 2. Joel- prophet of Judah, theme is coming day of the lord, and Judgment. 3. Amos- Judgment: Key Warnings and Promises

4. Obidah – Warned Edom and comfort Judah, theme was the doom of Judah 5.
Jonah- “Dove”, Occurred during the last era of Prosperity 722 B.C., theme is sovereignty over God, and there are Two commissions. 6. Micah- This prophet shows Judgment and Hope, Theme is salvation, and the key promise is the Birth of the Messiah. 7. Nahum- theme is judgment of Nineveh, Refuge in times of trouble 8. Habakkuk- Theme is judgment of Babylon and the prophet questions Faith tested and taught 9. Zephaniah- Books is a call to Revival and the theme is Judgment and Restoration of Judah. 10. Haggai- Called to encourage them to rebuild the Temple and the theme is to finish the Job. 11. Zechariah- Prepare for the coming of the Messiah

12. Malachi- Malachi was a messenger whose key promise is to show that Elijah is coming to announce the Messiah. Fulfilled in John the Baptist.

-Was written in 605-535 B.C. in Babylon and it was aimed to encourage Jewish exiles. -He went through three years of training
-He deals with King Nebuchadnezzar
-He has a vision of a Ram and a Goat and the two animals represent two different land regions. This vision predicted Persia will fall to Greece. -Vision of the Seventy Sevens: preview of the future.

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