Bill Thom Wins First Annual Munsey Award Essay

Longtime Howard fan and friend of TGR, Bill Thom has just one the first annual Munsey Award at PulpFest 2009:

PulpFest 2009, Columbus, Ohio: William Thom is the designer of the Coming Attractions website where just about every pulp fan with computer access goes to learn about the latest news and book releases in the world of pulps and pulp reprints - Bill Thom Wins First Annual Munsey Award Essay introduction. Bill also maintains the Pulp Series Character Reprint Index that can be accessed through the Altus Press website, as well as the Robert E. Howard bibliography available through the Howard Works website. He has also helped many researchers over the years through his knowledge and collection.

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Bill Thom Wins First Annual Munsey Award
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Our congratulations to Bill for his well deserved win!

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