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Billy Donovan Billy donovan is one of the best college basketball coaches out there and the way he does it is different then how most coaches do it. The way he builds his team is different from the other powerhouses. He doesn’t just go after the best players, he goes after the best players that fit what he wants to do. His philosophy is to recuirt players that will stay in college and work well with the players he already has, and that will play the stlye of basketball that he wants to play.

The way Billy Donovan coaches his team, is he empizes defense and ball movement. When he goes and recuirts players, he looks if the will fit in his style. For example if a player is a great scorer but not so good at defense, he won’t go after him as hard. In the past couple of years Billy Donovans teams have been some of the best defensive teams in the nation.

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This is because he has the right players to excute his full court persure and his zone defense.
If I were a head basketball coach, I would use his philosopy because i believe it works and is one of the most effective ways of coaching. I would use his recurting style because if you want a successful team, you have to have players that will play well together. Also you have to get the right players to excute how you wanna play the game. If you get players that don’t play well together, you will have problems and agruements throughout the team. Also if the players don’t want to play your style or aren’t good and playing that style, your team won’t have success on the court.
I also agree with Billy Donovan’s coaching style about having a strong defense. I Believe that defense is more important then an overpowering offense. The reason i think this is because if your team is struggling on offense, you can still count on your defense to keep the game close and give your team a chance to win. If your team is all offense every game will be a shoot out and if you have a bad shooting night, then your team will most…

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