Biology Challenge Exam Outline Essay

Challenge Examination Introduction to the Exam The purpose of this outline is to assist students in preparing for the Biology 12 Chalk Eng Exam offered by Sternberg College for entry to the PAN Program. To pass this exam, you must already have an academic background in the area of bill social sciences and will have to demonstrate that you have a knowledge base equivalent to the level of the provincial curriculum for Biology 12.

In particular, you will be required to demons treat that oh have the prerequisite knowledge from Biology 12 to be successful in the PAN Prior The Biology 12 Challenge Examination has been established to assess prior learning and to grant recognition of student ability to meet the Biology 12 pre requisite for PAN Program entry.

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Biology Challenge Exam Outline
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Aligned with our policies for Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition, a passing gar dad of 85% is required on the exam to demonstrate appropriate pre requisite knowledge. A fee of $50. 0 for the preparation and invigilation of this evaluation is required.

If students a e successful, this fee will be applied towards the PAN Program. Exam Outline The exam has been prepared in careful alignment with the core textbook for BC Grad e 12 Biology, Inquiry into Life by Sylvia S. Madder. Exam questions have been taken directly from the Student Multiple Choice Quizzes o n the online student website for the textbook. The Challenge Exam will consist of 170 quest ions in total; 10 questions will be taken from each of the 17 chapters listed below.

The Multiple Choice Quizzes can be accessed online at the following link: http:// jiggered. Managerial. Com/sites/0072399651 [estimate. HTML?

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