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Bis100 Information Systems Description Template

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Information Systems Description Template School of Information Systems Curtin University 25/7/11 • v3. 2 Student and Workshop Details Information |Enter Your Details | |Student Name: | | |Student Number: | | |Assessment Item: |IS Description Assignment | |Workshop Leader Name: |Ms Yusri | |Workshop Number: | | |Marker Comments (Optional): | Marker Use Only | |See ACMSheet for Feedback |See ACMSheet for Final Mark | Table of Contents 1. General Description 2. External Description 3. External View 4. Internal Description 5. Internal View 6. Further Notes 7. References 1. General Description of the Information System Title AirAsia Online Ticketing System General Description Airline ticketing systems offer users information on airline schedules, taxes on airfare, passenger reservations and ticket records.

It allows users and agents to buy and distribute tickets to all available flight destinations on the AirAsia network.

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Bis100 Information Systems Description Template
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The user only needs to indicate the desired destination and dates, and the available flight schedule and prices will be made available. Purchasing can be made without the hassle of having to go to a ticketing office in person. Users (or Other Information Systems) and User Functions Customers – Purchasing tickets online and receiving complete itinerary.

Travel Agents – Arrangement of pricing for tours according to the price of tickets. Instance Customers can purchase their tickets online and have a view of their complete itinerary online. 2. External Description of the Information System Inputs Customers – Indication of flight schedule preference, personal information, payment options. Travel Agents – Available type of tour packages

Outputs Customers – Complete itinerary will be provided. E-receipt may be printed out if desired. Travel Agents – Airfare prices for available tour packages which can be redesigned according to the pricing of tickets. Information Processing Purchasing of tickets available from customers List of available tickets remaining and how to price accordingly Credit card payment security checks to ensure legality Information Stored Customer personal information for future reference and promotional advertising Purchase records that will help determine future availability of flight schedules System Boundary External (Outside) Components Customers Travel Agents

Internal (Inside) Components Ticketing management system Flight Schedules and availability Payment Processor 3. External View of the Information System [pic] Figure 1 – External View of the Information System 4. Internal Description of Information System Information Processors Customer Management system – Information of customer to be used for recognition upon arrival at check in of the airport. Seat preference and disability issues that may be existent. Payment management system – Ensure information is secure and credit card payment is valid to the authorized owner of the credit card. Flight management system – Ensure availability of seating for predetermined flights.

Indications of scheduled flights and possible delays. Food management system – Ensure availability of food sufficient for the customers on board and the availability of requested items. Digital Screen – A display of all available information of the itinerary upon purchase. Information Stores AirAsia Customer Database – Stores information on customer details, flight history, contact information, etc. Payment Database – Stores record of transaction history Networks Internet online system – Connects customers to the server and the server to AirAsia through the use of electronic devices such as computers, phones, PDAs, etc. 5. Internal View of Information System pic]Figure 2 – Internal View of the Information System 6. Further Notes AirAsia specializes in providing low cost airfares to customers around Malaysia and the world. The key benefit of using an online ticketing system is that it not only reduces costs involved with booking through an airline agent, but it allows customers the ease of doing the transaction from the comfort of their own home. 7. References AirAsia. n. d. Everyone can fly. http://www. freewebs. com/elsalwa/airasia. htm (accessed on September 1, 2011) Wong, P,M,C. March, 2009. AirAsia – Enabling technology in Airline Industry. http://www. skcs. hk/AirAsia. pdf (accessed on September 1, 2011) End.

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