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Black- Shoe Shiner Charcoal Essays

SCIENCE INVESTEGATORY PROJECT PROVINCE OF NEGROS ORIENTAL REGION VII LA LIBERTAD TECHNICAL- VOCATIONAL SCHOOL BLACK- SHOE SHINER CHARCOAL PROBLEM: 1. Could it be possible that a charcoal becomes a shoe shiner? TITLE PAGE: BLACK- SHOE SHINER CHARCOAL TABLE OF CONTENTS A. PROBLEM --------------------------------------- i B. TITLE PAGE -------------------------------------- i C. ABSTRACT --------------------------------------- i D.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT ----------------------- i E. INTRODUCTION --------------------------------- iii F. METHODOLOGY ------------------------- iv G. ? ABSTRACT The research in charcoal as a shoe shiner was designed to produce a cheap but effective shoe shiner compare with the commercial shoe shiner. The black- shoe shiner charcoal is for all the students, teachers, and office workers. We, the researchers, used a charcoal to make an affordable shoe shiner for everyone.

The black- shoe shiner charcoal has been created by us, strictly followed the procedures and by the end of the research, we have made/ done a shoe shiner. INTRODUCTION Nowadays, people are very concern when it comes to their appearance especially the students. They want to look nice every time they are going to their school they wear their proper uniform with their black shoes and one problem that we encounter is how to keep our shoes looking as good as ne but as a student we experience problems especially in financial.

So we decide to make an alternative shoe shiner. Shoe shiner is a wax paste, cream, or liquid used to polish, shine, and waterproof and restore the appearance of leather shoes or extending the footwear’s life. We also decided to make a shoe shiner because some shoe polishes contain certain chemicals that are toxic if ingested and can be harmful to the environment if it is improperly disposed of. We want to make a shoe shiner that is made up of organic materials.

We want to come up with a shoe shiner that is truly eco- friendly and cheap. iii METHODOLOGY I. MATERIALS ?Charcoal ?Candle ?Paste ?Calamansi Leaf •We bought them all!! II. PROCEDURE 1. With the used of Mortar and Pestle powderized the solid charcoal. 2. Boil 5 teaspoons of charcoal with 10 teaspoons of water and a small amount of candle. 3. Sieve it until the charcoal powder is gone. 4. Boil the mixture with 3 spoons of paste and calamansi leaf. iv.

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