Blackberries by Leslie Norris Essay


The relationship between the mother and the father is like a regular marriage, it has his up and downs. In the story when the father gets to the house the mother had the food for he already done and served with a lot of care. This demonstrates that she has respect for him and that she cares about him. Just like in the story, my parents do the same, sometimes they are like teenagers in love and other days they are like mad dogs ready to fight, but that is how life is, it has ups and downs. Just like in this story, throughout the world people do the same, one day they woke up in heave and other days they woke up in hell, but people need to find a mid-point between this two aspects to try, to enjoy life.

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Blackberries by Leslie Norris
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The child learned a lot from this experience. In the story when his father and mother fight because the dirty cap, he realized that they were different people and had different personalities. This demonstrates how children are affected by their parent’s discussion and by their parent’s behavior. Just like in the story, one day me and my family were coming back from a travel to the camp and my father and my mother started to fight because my father wanted to throw a garage on the side of the rode and my mother didn’t want, they were like cats and dogs and because of that till this day I don’t throw garbage on the streets. Sometimes in life people fight for stupid things and get hurt, only because a silly thing and we need to move on and don’t mind about that, in order to be happy.

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