Blind Date Essay

BLIND DATE 6/11/10 Blind date as the term connotes can be defined as a social relationship setup involving two unfamiliar individuals. In this type of dating exercise, neither party has any clue to who their date is going to be. They go into the date with a lot of expectation and doubts on how it will turn out. While some look forward to it as a game of mere fun, others tend to attach more importance to it hoping that the good fate of luck could evolve from the experience.

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Many critics have argued that blind date is not the best option for anyone seeking a lasting relationship because those involved have the tendency to hide their true nature during the process. However, others have argued that blind date could potentially be the best avenue through which participating individuals are able to explore new grounds as well as identify their social strengths and weaknesses from self examination based on the likes and dislikes of the opposing party.

Why do people go into this type of bizarre dating exercise? If one may ask?

Two good factors could be the reason. To some, it could be due to self determination to explore new grounds in dating exercise while to others it could be an avenue to help them in unveiling the quality of a perfect partner that may be laying dormant in their subconscious. Through blind dating exercise, the individuals involved have the open opportunity to self fulfillment and it also helps the individuals to clear up their biases whether positive or negative as the case may be. However one looks at blind dating exercise, there is no formal or standard way to it.

It does end up with a situation of take it or live it. Different people react differently to it like any other situation they find themselves. The longer a blind date, the better understanding and comfortable the parties involved tend to become. At this point, the participating individuals having been presented with all the positive and negative variables to clear up their preconceived baggage of questions, they ultimately either decide to remain or call it a quit. All in all, blind dates are what the individuals make of it.

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