Gun Control Does Not Lead To Less Gun Violence

The left’s latest agenda is trying to figure out new ways to take guns from law-abiding American citizens in the name of reducing gun crime and school shootings. They do all this, despite evidence clearly show that gun control only increases gun crime.

Australia and Britain are both countries that the left claims have had successful gun control.

A University of Melbourne study concluded that Australia’s temporary gun ban had no effect on the gun homicide rate, in 2008. Crime Research Prevention Center president John Lott had extremely similar discoveries:

“Prior to 1996, there was already a clear downward [trend] in firearm homicides, and this pattern continued after the buyback… It is hence difficult to link the decline to the buyback.”

“Again, as with suicides, both non-firearm and firearm homicides fell by similar amounts… In fact, the trend in non-firearms homicides shows a much larger decline between the pre- and post-buyback periods. This suggests that crime has been falling for other reasons. Also that the change in homicides doesn’t follow the change in gun ownership – there is no increase in homicides as gun ownership gradually increased.”

In Britain’s case, the Crime Research Prevention Center found that after the gun ban was implemented, there was initially a severe increase in the homicide rate, followed by a gradual decline once Britain beefed up their police force. Yet, there has only been one year where the homicide rate was lower than it was pre-ban.

To add to that there was an 89 percent spike in gun crime from 1998/1999 to 2008/2009, all of which occurred after the gun ban.

Furthermore, according to the same source, 99 percent of mass shootings in America have happened in gun-free zones. A mentally sick shooter’s goal is to be in a position to murder as many as possible, so they target areas where they’re least likely to find armed resistance, which happens to be gun-free zones.

To add to this, the more guns purchased, the more gun violence has declined. This study was done by Centers for Disease Control, which basically found that gun ownership increased by 56 percent, and yet gun violence declined by almost 50 percent between 1993 and 2003.

Chicago had a record-breaking 4,331 shootings in 2016. Gun shops and civilian gun ranges are banned, as are assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. But they still have the highest crime rate and gun violence rate in the country.

To add to that:

  • ? deaths from guns are from suicide.
  • Not a single mass murder or shooting has been done by an NRA member.
  • 68% percent of Americans feel safer in a neighborhood where guns are allowed.
  • In states that started allowing concealed carry, murders dropped 8.5 percent, raped dropped 5 percent and robberies dropped 3 percent.
  • A person who is willing to shoot up a school won’t care if he is legally allowed to have the gun or not, he’ll get it off the black market.
  • Law-abiding citizens will obviously follow the law, leading to criminals being the only ones obtaining these guns.

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