Blood: Nervous System and Story Lee Hawkins Essay

Nick’s Story Lee Hawkins 1 - Blood: Nervous System and Story Lee Hawkins Essay introduction. What are nerves? Nerves are a bundle of hundreds of axons plus associated connective tissue and blood vessels that lie outside the brain and spinal cord 2. How does damage to the peripheral nervous system affect the body? If you have nerve damage then the impulses won’t get to where its suppose to go. It will stop wherever the nerve damage is. 3. Which symptoms that Nick has described so far are relevant to the nervous system? Are his symptoms sensory, motor, or both? His symptoms are both sensory and motor. 4. Do you think the symptoms Nick describes are likely caused by peripheral nerve damage?

Could they be caused by damage to the CNS? I think he has damage to the PNS because of the reflex damage is cranial nerve damage. His hearing problem is cranial nerve damage. He also has damage to his feet because of the tingling and not feeling the instrument on his feet. 5. Diabetic Neuropathies damage peripheral nerves. Which component of the reflex arc is most likely to be damaged in Nick’s situation? It would be damage to the sensory or motor neurons because of his reflexes in his knee. The foot would indicate damage to the somatic nerves. 6. Which division of the Autonomic nervous system would be affected by causing Nicks GI symptoms?

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Blood: Nervous System and Story Lee Hawkins
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The sympathetic system would be involved in Nicks GI system 7. Nicks light-headiness is caused by a condition known as orthostatic hypotension, a rapid drop in blood pressure upon standing up. Based on what you have learned so far how does the Autonomic nervous system control blood pressure? The Autonomic nervous system regulates blood pressure by several mechanisms. It regulates the degree of constriction or dilation of the blood vessels in the body. Constriction of the blood vessels will result in decrease of blood pressure which is the parasympathic and the increase of blood pressure would be the sympatric 8.

After becoming comatose. Nick was sweating profusely and had rapid heart and respiratory rates which elevated blood pressure. Which area of the brain interacts with the autonomic nervous system during physical stress to initiate these responses? The sympatric would make these things happen. 9. Nick has digestive symptoms indication reduced gastrointestinal mobility. What autonomic receptors regulate closing of the sphincters and relation of organ walls? The receptors would be the adrenergic.

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