Bloody Mary

The investigation of Mary Tudor and the explanation of her background and her impact will be thoroughly described in this paper. Mary Tudor or as you may know her “Bloody Mary” was a queen of distress. Mary went through many hardships within her family, friends and herself. Coming from having it all too almost nothing at all, her strength and courage got her through the hardest times of her life. Mary’s will to succeed and achieve finally became noticed, when she was appointed Queen of England.

Mary had many plans; some were fulfilled while others went up in smoke, literally. Although, Most can agree that Mary was the most hated queen tin British history. She still captivated the hearts of those still reading her story today. The Impact of Bloody Mary: Mary Tudor Mary Tudor was the ultimate definition of being the queen of distress, her hardship and background struggles helped her achieve her role as queen but, it also made her less desirable and mean. Mary was the only surviving child of King Henry VIII of England and his first wife, Catherine of Aragon.

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After several miscarriages, three stillborn children, two who had died in their infancy, Mary’s mother Catherine had painful experiences when it came to pregnancies. Henry came to the realization that Catherine would not be able to supply him with a son, therefore wanted to leave her. Henry Petitioned hat his marriage violated the biblical injunction and finally they declared the marriage between the two “null and absolutely void, which made his daughter Mary, illegitimate. This made Catherine and her daughter furious .

Henry’s next wife made it impossible for him to see his eldest daughter, Mary. When His 2nd wife couldn’t supply a son either, Henry was separated once again. The 3rd marriage of Henry was his was Mary’s favorite and that was when he became a lot closer to his daughter Mary when his wife had a son, but died weeks later. After the birth of his son, Henry slowed down and tried to reconcile with his daughters. Henry married again, this time was a dangerous move; His wife tried to take over the Queens role and failed but kept Mary on her toes.

Unfortunately Henry’s son passed away along with his 3rd, 4th and 5th wives. (Essortment, 2011) Hardships and struggles Mary’s life was full of hardships with her family, friends and herself. But her early life was easy as could be; she was an innocent, pretty child who was highly educated in music, science, languages, philosophy, and theology. Mary also had the chance to learn dancing, and fine needlework. Also having her own private court Castle where she grew up. (Essortment, 2011) Everything that Mary was used too changed, when her mother and father got a divorce.

Mary lost everything. The huge argument brought Mary into positions that she would have never found herself in if they would have not gotten a divorce. Mary and her mother were separated, so when Catherine passed away, Mary did not have a chance to see or talk to her and she never forgave her father’s wife for that. (Lee, 2000) The different women that Mary’s father kept getting involved in did not help Mary either. The only woman who Mary became somewhat close to was the one who supplied him with a son, who died just weeks after.

Mary didn’t have many people there for her. She had superficial means and it could not replace what her family had originally given her. Since Mary had lost all those that were somewhat close to her, she became very sad and started to lose hope in God. Mary had many miscarriages and failed pregnancies, which was seen as god being disappointed in you. Mary was very religious, so this killed her and she also became sadden of her failed marriages. (Lee, 2000) Queen’s role Mary was every bit of a queen in distress.

Mary was very worn and tires, which made her seem and acts meanly towards everybody. When Mary’s brother passed away, Lady Jane Grey was proclaimed Queen of England, until, Catherine of Aragon was at last proclaimed Queen of England and since she had died, Mary was the rightful heir. (Lee, 2000) All of London was ecstatic to hear that Mary would be the new Queen. Although some people thought that it was all a plan of hers so that she could become in power. The people were nervously waiting on the changes that Queen Mary would slowly make.

There had been rumors about all the things that Mary wanted to change and disputes in the societies were beginning to from. This made Queen Mary crack down even more and make drastic plans and follow through with them. (Lee, 2000) Reign Mary’s plans were very huge and outrageous, some which are impossible to change such a thing over night or even a week. These plans would have to take time and that was exactly what Queen Mary didn’t want. She wanted change quick and she wanted it now. London was split, half were rejoicing, singing and ringing bells were being echoed throughout the villages.

However the other half thought that her brother’s death was a plan, in order to gain control and power. (Essortment, 2011) At the beginning of her reign she took things slow and changed the religion back to Roman Catholic churches. Mary had many initial plans but would not reveal too much to where people would ask. Therefore Mary gave the information that was needed and left the rest of us to put the pieces together. (Essortment, 2011) Evil Queen Mary Tudor was one of the most hated Queens in British History. During her reign she did things unthinkable.

Mary burnt over three-hundred protestants at the stake, Priests were not allowed to marry, preserved the Tudor session, and maintained the navy and reformed the militia. Mary is remembered for restoring England to Roman Catholicism. While she strengthened the parliament by using it for the religious settlement, established the gender free authority of the crown and restored the structure of the church. (Tennyson, 2012) Conclusion It is very clear that the breakup of her parents’ marriage took a toll on Mary. Mary pursued whomever, called her illegitimate and her parents null and absolutely void.

Even though Mary constantly had a fight to go through, her willingness and patience was all she needed. Queen of England went through a series of hard times, before her reign, and after. Queen Mary was remembered by being despised and cruel. It can most definitely be said that Mary Tudor was the ultimate definition of being the queen of distress. Her hardship and background struggles helped her achieve her role as queen but, it also made her less desirable and mean through her reign. (Tennyson, 2012) The ill health issues that had troubled her from her childhood finally caught up with Mary.

As she lay there falling apart, so was her country. Flu swept through the cities and they lost to the French. Mary believed that this ways God’s way of condemning her for her policies and sins she committed. Within herself, Mary was never happy with herself, Disappointment flooded her mind and she couldn’t accept herself being a failure. Mary Tudor, Queen of Mary died in 1558 at the age of 43. Many can agree that Mary was the hated Queen but believed that she captured the hearts of those still reading and protecting her policies. (Lee, 2000)

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