BMI and heart rate Essay

Investigate if there is any difference between body mass index, BMI, and

heart rate at rest and during exercise. I hypothesise that the higher the BMI the higher

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BMI and heart rate
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the heart rate will be at both rest and work. Method under which the investigation

was conducted involved getting the resting heart rate of volunteers and then place

them on a treadmill for 5 minutes at 11 kph and the heart rate is tested once more

within 10 seconds of leaving the treadmill. Results concluded to be general,

inaccurate and reasonably unreliable due to many differing variables although they

were sufficient to highlight trends and prove the hypotheses made.

A conclusion can

be drawn that heart does increase as BMI increases to a certain extent, although many

variables must be taken into account.To investigate if there is a relationship between Body Mass Index, BMI, and

heart rate at rest and during exercise.

Food and Health John Adds, Erica Larkcom, Ruth Miller

Physical Education: Theory and Practice Davis, Kimmet, Auty

Biology Martin Rowland

Letts A’Level Biology Letts

Evaluating the effect of gender, weight, age on people’s blood pressure.

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