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Bone Tissue Essay

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Case Study 8 Appendicular Skeleton Kelli Menard Summary: Nicole a 14 yr old sustained a fracture that was a compound, tibial-fibular fracture just below the knee. The x-ray showed there was a meniscal tear above the knee where the fracture was. Nicole stayed in the hospital for 14 days due to infection where the bone was through the skin. Once the infection subsided she was put into a cast. She was put in the cast for three month which then she was able to bear weight on her leg.

Her leg healed but her tear in her meniscus did not heal, she had water in her knee.

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Bone Tissue
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It is still torn after 6 months from her injury. Abnormal vs. Normal: ( Tibia (Shinbone) Shaft Fractures) Water in the knee from meniscus tear (Meniscus Tear) (Meniscal Tears) Questions: 1. ) The term tibial-fracture means a fracture or break on the upper part of the shin bone near the knee. These kinds of fractures may lead to tissue damage near the area of the injury.

(Fractures of the Proximal) 2. ) A compound fracture, also known as an open fracture is when there is a break in the skin around the fracture.

A compound fracture to be classified as a compound is when the air, and bacteria must be able to get to the fracture site. ( Compound Fractures) 3. ) Her fracture is more likely to get infected than any other fracture because she sustained a compound fracture. A compound fracture is when a fracture occurs that breaks through the skin for air and bacteria to get into the skin. With a fracture like this the moment when the skin is broken open the bacteria can get into the skin causing an infection. 4. The microscopic features of the osseous tissue that help long bones with stand lateral stress without breaking are: (Skeletal System) * Lateral stress- which causes compression on the leg * Bony collar- experiences the most stress on the lateral impact. It withstands compressive crushing by hydroxyapatite crystals in its extracellular matrix, these are like weight barriers for the bone * Collagen- collagen helps withstand because in the bony collar the collagen fibers are designed in a vertical pattern which makes them strong within the bone 5. The microscopic features of the osseous tissue that help long bones with stand compressive forces without breaking are: * Bony collar * Hydroxyapatite crystals * Collagen * Spongy (cancellous) * Trabeculae, the interlocking of bony plates. These plates help move weight of the body evenly. (BONES AND BONE TISSUE) 6. ) The features that help the friction with the hip and thigh bone that the knee helps with are synovial fluid, smooth hyaline cartilage, medial and lateral menisci. The knee is a synovial bone which contains a fluid called synovial fluid.

This acts as a lubricant to help with the movements made in the joints. The lateral menisci and medial are parts of the fibrocartilage which helps with friction because it helps stabilize and absorb any shocks coming through the joints. (KNEE STRUCTURE) 7. ) The stages a broken bone undergoes during its healing process are: (HowStuffWorks) 1. ) Hematoma forms 2. ) Soft tissue calluses 3. ) Fibroblasts and osteoblasts migrate in from the periosteum and endosteum 4. ) Fibroblasts lay down collagen 5. ) Osteoblasts replace fibrocartilage with spongy bone 6. Bone remodeling, when weight begins to put on the area of the injury the bone starts to work with the pressure being put on it 8. ) Weight-bearing influences bone repair because the more the bone can withstand weight the more the bone grows to be able to take the weight. It is like building a building, the more you make the structure able to withstand any pressure the more it can handle. The Haversian systems in the bone lay down what the bone is going to be able to take. ( The Biomechanics of Bone Tissue) 9. ) Nicole’s bones healed quicker than her cartilage because bones get nutrients and blood supply better then cartilage.

Cartilage and tendons take a really long time to heal. Cartilage gets its nutrients either from diffusion from tissues near that area. ( Bone Healing) Work Cited: * Fractures of the Proximal Tibia-OrthoInfo – AAOS. (n. d. ). Fractures of the Proximal Tibia-OrthoInfo – AAOS. Retrieved from http://orthoinfo. aaos. org/topic. cfm? topic=A00393 * Compound Fractures. (n. d. ). About. com Orthopedics. Retrieved from http://orthopedics. about. com/b/2004/05/01/compound-fractures. htm * Skeletal System. (n. d. ). Skeletal System. Retrieved from http://www. hopperinstitute. om/cap_skeletal. html * BONES AND BONE TISSUE. (n. d. ). BONES AND BONE TISSUE. Retrieved from http://www. augustatech. edu/anatomy/chapter 6. html * KNEE STRUCTURE. (n. d. ). KNEE STRUCTURE. Retrieved from http://www. orthospecmd. com/TheKnee. html * How do broken bones heal? (n. d. ). HowStuffWorks. Retrieved from http://science. howstuffworks. com/life/human-biology/heal-broken-bones. htm * Guide To Using The Bone Mechanics Series. (n. d. ). The Biomechanics of Bone Tissue Part I by Jacob Wilson. Retrieved from http://www. abcbodybuilding. com/magazine03/bonemechanics1. tm * Bone Healing. (n. d. ). Bone Healing. Retrieved from http://www. foothealthfacts. org/footankleinfo/bone_healing. htm * Tibia (Shinbone) Shaft Fractures-OrthoInfo – AAOS. (n. d. ). Tibia (Shinbone) Shaft Fractures-OrthoInfo – AAOS. Retrieved from http://orthoinfo. aaos. org/topic. cfm? topic=A00522 * Meniscus Tear | Regenexxa??. (n. d. ). Regenexx. Retrieved from http://www. regenexx. com/tag/meniscus-tear/ * Meniscal Tears-OrthoInfo – AAOS. (n. d. ). Meniscal Tears-OrthoInfo – AAOS. Retrieved from http://orthoinfo. aaos. org/topic. cfm? topic=a00358

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