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Bones And Skeletal Assignment

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For this assignment, please read the chapter and answer the questions below. Please type your answers in red or blue color. Please note that points may be deducted if answers are not submitted in these colors. Type your answer in the spaces provided below: Skeletal System: Describe each of the following functions of the Skeletal System i. Support- To provide structural support for the entire body. Ii. Protection- surrounds soft tissue, fused bones of the skull protect the brain. Iii. Dye movement- Skeletal muscles, which attach to bones by tendons, use bones as levers to move the body and its parts.

Iv. Blood cell formation- most blood cell formation occurs in the red marrow cavities of certain bones. V. Mineral storage- where minerals are stored and lipids. They are released in to the bloodstream when needed. Bone is a reservoir for calcium and phosphate. Long Bone Structure: The ends of bones that form joints with adjacent bones are called the _epiphysis_ The ends of these bones are covered with _reticular cartilages_ (hyaline cartilage).

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Bones And Skeletal Assignment
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The epiphysis plate is the site of bone _growth The shaft of the bone is called the _diapasons. The diapasons contains a hollow chamber called the _ Medulla_ cavity that is lined with endosperm and filled with _yellow marrow Bone Marrow – Two Types: What is the function of red marrow? To produce red and white blood cells and platelets. Where is it found? It found in flat bones such as the pelvis, sternum, cranium, ribs and vertebrae. What is the function of yellow marrow? To store fats Where is it found? It is found in spongy bone and the shaft of long bones.

Is located in the medulla cavity. A tough layer of vascular connective tissue, called the _ peritoneum the bone and is continuous with ligaments and tendons. Bone cells covers There are 4 types of bone tissue cells. Describe their function in living bone tissue. A. Getronics cells – are mimetically active stem cells found in the membranous peritoneum and endosperm. When stimulated these cells differentiate into astrolabes of bone lining cells. B. Steamboats – actively mitotic bone forming cells that secrete bone matrix.

To form new bone tissue. C. Ecosystem – to help maintain bone as living tissue d. Seacoasts – to absorb and remove unwanted tissue Microscopic Structure: The Steno Bone cells called _ecosystem_ are located within spaces called _ lacunae that in concentric circles around _central nerves. Canals that contain blood vessels and Ecosystem pass nutrients and wastes back and forth in grooves in the matrix called canonical . The intracellular material consists of collagen and inorganic calcium salts.

Collagen makes the one strong= while the calcium salts make the bone _hard Bone Structure: Describe spongy bone structure: it looks like a poorly organized tissue. Its composed of small traceable of bones and lots of open space. Where is spongy bone found? It is found at the ends of bones and joints. Describe compact bone: Is smooth and homogeneous. Is the heaviest hard type of bone. Supports our body and muscles as we walk or just move throughout the day. In compact bone, ecosystem and intracellular material are organized into units called stenos_ that are cemented together.

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