Book report on “Inside out”

So he meets his mom at the same coffee shop every day after school for medicine. But It is going to be hard for him to take it when he and eight other people are taken hostage while the coffee shop Is being robbed. Inside the coffee shop are Each, two robbers, two old ladles, two employees, a mother and daughter, and two businessman. The robbers where a couple of young brothers Alan Mender who was 17 and Joey Mender who was 14. Throughout the robbery Joey was super nervous and was somewhat aggressive to the hostages.

But Alan on the other and was calm and trying to keep Joey from doing anything more stupid then what they Just did. Their plan was to be a quick In and out Job. However when a lady driving by saw the two boys guns through the window she drove away and called the police. Now that Alan and Joey are stuck there they need to come up with a new plan, How to escape. During this process the robbers have to deal with Each and his “big mouth” according to Joey. In my opinion Each might have been the reason that no one got killed because without realizing it he was keeping the robbers attention on him.

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He was doing this by questioning everything they said, back talking, and reverse physiology. Alan didn’t mind It at all but Joey was getting very mad and wanted to shoot him. Then the police called to offer them a deal. The deal was If they let everyone go they wouldn’t charge them as adults. After a while the boys take the offer if it was in writing. After saying that, they kept one Hostage, so Each volunteered to be the one to stay behind. They let him stay because he said his doctor can help them not get in as much trouble. As they are waiting they get to know each other a little bit ore.

They found out that a week before, Each tried shooting himself and got mad at his mom for taking the gun away from him. As for Joey and Alan they robbed the coffee shop for money to support their mother who Is very sick with cancer. In the end Joey and Alan get nine months in juvenile detention and two years’ probation. As Each committed suicide a week before the sentencing later in his mother’s home. Protagonist: I would say the Alan is the protagonist of this book because in the beginning of the book he was about to rob the coffee shop he was mean and wrought the book his attitude changed towards everything.

Antagonist: This would especially Each. Friends yes/no? : I would not want to be friends with either of these two because if they did this who really knows what they are capable off. I feel they would be a very bad influence on me. Like this book? : Personally I really liked this book. I like reading fiction books with twisted endings and it shows that even someone with schizophrenia can be a hero. I would recommend this book to other people. If you like reading about robbery, and stuff like that this really is a book you would want to read.

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