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Boracay Island is one of the best tourist destinations that are suggested over the internet - Boracay Island Essay introduction. Boracay Island can be found in the mid-eastern side of the Philippines. Philippine history books say that the first residents of the island are aborigines. However, the island became populated by outsiders during the current tourist boom. The tourist boom could be attributed to a visiting film crew who took the best shots of the island for the first time and shown to the world, or by a German travel writer Jens Peters that encouraged his countrymen through his wonderful reviews about the island (, 2010) .

If you are in the island, there are a lot of things to do there. The island is best for those who loves the night life and as well as to those who would like to have solemn moments with special someone. For decades of tourist boom, the island is now filled with commercial establishments of wide-array. Establishments that could be found in the island goes from Class A, B, and C hotels, bars and restaurants, spa resorts, diving school, souvenir shops etc (Ashley, 2010). Food has never been so diverse in a single place. According to one food blog, in Boracay you can find different kind of food that could certainly suffice your appetite since it has been an island of every nationality (Tisha, 2010). If looking for great stuff to purchase, you do not need to go to the capital. The island itself is filled with small shopping malls and street stalls that sells a wide array of island must-haves or souvenir. If you are looking for real pearls, this is the best place to get not just one but many.

Going to Boracay Island is said to be a whole new island experience. Enjoy the sun, therapeutic sand, healthy and good food, enjoy night life, all these in Boracay Island. The island has recreated island life and it has become a home for many, including foreigners.


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