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Boston Duck Tours

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The primary reason that motivated Andy Wilson to start Boston Duck Tours is that he got bored from working in an investment banking firm for seven long miserable years and was looking for pleasure, personal satisfaction, independence and freedom from the suit-and-tie environment of the corporate America that did not motivate him anymore. The routine life that he was living as an employee in investment banking was slowly sucking life out of him. In the end there are no needs to talk about Money because, as any other entrepreneur, Andy Wilson was seeking some.

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Boston Duck Tours
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As a result, he decided to resign from his boring job and go on an adventure. Andy bought 90-day Greyhound Bus pass to tour the country. At a stop in Memphis city he awakened by a Duck Tour being conducted outside his hotel. He did not think about it much until he got to Boston and saw a long line of trolleys filled up with tourists. Immediately the Boston Duck Tours idea came to his mind.

What kind of entrepreneurial venture is Boston Duck Tours? Andy Wilson is a great example of a true entrepreneur who discovered market needs and launched new firms to meet those needs.

He is a risk taker who provides a momentum change, innovation, and improvement in economic life by taking a world war amphibious vehicle and turns it over to a tour vehicle that gives the tourist, an energetic, educational and historical tour to showcase Boston city from the land and the river. In my opinion, Boston Duck Tours is falling under the attractive small firms’ category because its offers real financial reward for its owner Mr. Andy Wilson, but it has no high phenomenal prospective for growth.

Describe the competitive advantage of Boston duck tour? There are many things that give Boston duck tour an advantage over other competitors in the tours business. First, Boston duck tour gives its customers an energetic, educational and historical tour to showcase Boston city from both the land and the river, where other competitors give only land tours. Second, Boston duck tour was using world war amphibious vehicles that gave the tourists a special feeling of adventure.

Third, the uniqueness of the Duck drivers and unusual interment ways to ventilate the tourists gave Boston Duck Tours an additional advantage over other rivals. What characteristics of successful entrepreneurs does Andy Wilson embody? Andy Wilson is a great example of true entrepreneurs because he shows many entrepreneurial characteristics that Timmons and Spinelli have summarized in their research about desirable and acquire attitudes, and behaviors of successful entrepreneurs. 1. First he shows commitment and determination for his business.

Andy never gave up even when one government official told him that he would have better luck trying to build a skyscraper in the center of Boston Public Garden. 2. Andy Wilson shows a great management and leadership skills that help him leads his company to succeed and be the best tour company in the USA. 3. Andy Wilson is a true entrepreneur who sees great opportunity that no one else sees and takes advantage of it. For example, he decided to bring the duck tour concept to Boston.

4. Andy Wilson is a risk taker that risks his career life and his life saving by investing 30. 000 of his own money only to bring the Boston Duck Tour idea to live. 5. Creativity is a major characteristic of Andy Wilson this helped him transform a world war amphibious vehicle into a tour vehicle that gave the tourists an energetic tour to showcase city from land and river. 6. Andy Wilson is goal oriented and motivated to excel because, he worked hard to reach his goal and create a Boston duck tour despite the challenge he faced.

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Boston Duck Tours. (2016, Dec 17). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/boston-duck-tours/

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