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Bottled Water vs Tap Water

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There have been on-going debates; “Whether bottled water is better for you? ” This debate always ends up with two different sides. Some people prefer bottled water over tap water for several reasons, but others think variably. In my personal opinion, I think bottled water is the same as tap water for a numerous reasons. Bottled water is expensive, it creates a lot more pollution in the landfill, and lastly bottled water is not any better, healthier or safer from bacteria. The main reason tap water is seen better is, that bottled water is extremely expensive.

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Bottled Water vs Tap Water
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Basically you are paying for a natural resource which you can get for free. The taste and the cleanliness of bottled water is the same as tap water. Buying bottled water is like paying for something that you can get right from your own house. Stats show that “consumers spend 100 billion an year on bottled water”. If bottled water is more convenient then instead customers can buy reusable water bottles while filling them up with tap water.

So in my opinion buying bottled water is a waste of your hard earned money.

Secondly, bottled water creates tons and tons of pollution. America alone is adding 30 billion water bottles every year to the landfills. Also billions and billions of more water bottles are being added to the landfills from around the world. Most people look at bottled water as convenient but none of these water bottles are ever recycled. They end up in the landfills like every other plastic bottle. Half of the landfills are bursting with plastics, stats show in the next 25 years or so there won’t be enough landfill space remaining to dump all the plastics.

We have to think about our future generations and preserve our land and cut back on plastic bottles. Lastly tap water is seen as superior as bottled water, since studies and tests show that bottled water is not any cleaner than tap water. Surveys show that tap water was voted the 3rd best tasting in New York compared to various bottled water companies. Some water bottle companies take the same tap water you would normally drink and package it into bottles. Bottled water is not any safer or healthier than tap water.

It is only the bottled water companies and their advertising hype that makes consumers think like wise. Therefore in my judgment, for these couple of reasons listed above, bottled water is not any better and logically is the same as tap water. Bottled water is really expensive, adds a significant amount to our landfills and it is not any cleaner or safer than tap water. These reasons justify that tap water is just the media’s hype that present tap water less superior. But in reality it’s the complete opposite and tap water is the better choice.

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Bottled Water vs Tap Water. (2017, Feb 16). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/bottled-water-vs-tap-water/

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