Brand Wars

BRAND WARS: WHEN BIG BRANDS PLAY DIRTY A study of advertisements wars between the famous Brands of the World BRAND WARS Over the years we have grown up watching cola commercials fighting among themselves to woo us.

In fact when we switch on the television sets, read newspapers, watch hoardings and banners, all we come across are advertisements; some provocative, some taking a dig at their competitors some simply innovative and making their foothold even stronger in the market The research is an in depth study on how brands, in order to achieve a competitive advantage in the market, attack their competitors using advertisements as a tool.

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It will focus on famous brands who over the years have indulged themselves in very infamous battles of advertisement to reach out to the consumers and humiliate their competitors. In order to understand their strategies and how they use an advertisement to help boost their sales, I’ll also take you through the various marketing warfare techniques these brands have used and outperformed their rivals.

Moreover I will try and compare companies from different industries and sectors so that we could find out similarities (if any) in the warfare techniques used by them and find out if advertising campaigns use different strategies across different domains or is it the same across all sectors Which factors play an important role while chalking out advertising strategies? Does price play an important role? Does target segment drive brands to make advertisements the way they are? I will try to answer all these questions and more in the study

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