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Brewster Place Essays

The novel, The Women of Brewster Place, has many important quotes throughout the story. One of the most important quotes that is said in the novel is “They, they, they! ’ Theresa exploded. ‘You know, I’m not starting up with this again…. Who in the hell are they? And where in the hell are we? Living in some dump of a building in this God-forsaken part of town around a bunch of ignorant niggers with the cotton still under their fingernails because of you and your theys. ”

This is a key quote because Gloria Naylor explains to the readers how Theresa feels about her husband that had left her, and her children that she feels do not appreciate everything she has done for them. Naylor explains how Theresa wonders why God would give her this life that feels like she is in a living hell. Theresa is always depressed that she works very hard and in the end has to live in a dump of a building. Another important key quote in the story is “But I’ve loved some women deeper than I ever loved any man….

And there been some women who loved me more and did more for me than any man ever did…. Maybe it’s not so different…. Maybe that’s why some women get so riled up about it, ‘cause they know deep down it’s not so different at all. ” This is an important key quote in the story because Naylor explains the persuasive love between Lorraine and Theresa and that Lorraine loves Theresa more than she has loved any man in her life. Theresa and Lorraine share so much love for each other and, as Naylor explains, the greatest relationship the world could ever ask for.

Another important quote is “No one cries when a street dies…. It dies when the odors of hope, despair, lust, and caring are wiped out by the seasonal winds; when dust has settled into the cracks and scars, leveling their depths and discolorations—their reasons for being; when the spirit is trapped and fading in someone’s memory. ” This is a key quote because it talks about that Brewster place will be a place that will not be missed by the women who lived there.

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