Britain and Vietnam Education Essay

Nowadays, the more the society develops the more important role education play - Britain and Vietnam Education Essay introduction. If you want to know how strong one country is, you must have to study about its education system. Each country has a diffirent education system which is suitable for its culture, costoms and so on. Both Vietnam and Britain have some things in the same and diffienrt in education system. AlthoughVietnam and Britain have a far distant; all of them are quite similar in some thin for example the regulations of age in the levels of educations.

It’s from 5 to 25 years old. Another similar is two countries have private and public school in education. With differences between cultures; customer, tradition and economic Vietnam and Britain also have many differences between educations. Firstly, Vietnam and Britain have a diffirent background education. With a developed economic, Britain has a very good background education. The British Open University has set up some 260 regional study centers, using local colleges’ schools, or other educational establishment.

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Britain also has many famous universities which were born a long time ago . Oxford and Cambridge were the only universities in England from their foundations in the late-13th century until the 19th century. With a good reputation, British universities attract more and more students all over the world. While, Vietnam is a poor country and was destroyed heavily by the war. Before 1954, Vietnamese literacy was very poor . By the year 2000; literacy is now at 94% with people 15 and over.

In the late 1980s and early 1990, Vietnam has done policies of economies liberalization so its education also changed very much. Secondly, the Organization of two country’s educations is very diffirent. The British system is comparatively little central control or uniform. Education is managed not by one, but by three, separate government departments: the Department for Education and Employment is responsible for England and Wales’s alone-Scotland and Northern Ireland have their own departments.

None of these central authorities exercises much control over the details of what actually happens in the country’s educational institutions. Central government does not prescribe a detailed programmer of learning or determine what books and materials should be used. But in Vietnam, there is only one government department that is responsible for whole country’s educational system. Nowadays, the Ministry of Education and Training assumed the responsibility for all education and training at the national level. Finall diffirent is the levels of two education systems.

In Vietnam, there are five levels: pre- primary, primary, secondary school, high school, university and after university. But in Britain, it has four levels: pre- primary, primary, high school, university and after university. Inconclusion, the education of two countries are more diffirent than similar. It depends on economy, social and culture. British education system is much better than Vietnamese education system. Vietnamese and Vietnamese Government should be interest in and invest to education much more to have a better education system in the near future.

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