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BSHS 332 Entire CourseBSHS 332 week 2 Individual Assignment Workplace Ethical Dilemma Paper
BSHS 332 week 2 Team Assignment Ethical Theory Team Reaction Paper and Presentation
BSHS 332 week 3 Individual Assignment Paper on the Dynamics of Ethics
BSHS 332 week 3 Team Assignment Informed Consent Summary
BSHS 332 week 4 Individual Assignment Personal Values and Ethical Standards
BSHS 332 week 4 Team Assignment Discussion on Confidentiality and Duty to Warn
BSHS 332 Week 4 Discussion Question 1
BSHS 332 Week 4 Discussion Question 2
BSHS 332 week 5 Individual Assignment Agency Visit
BSHS 332 week 5 Team Assignment Ethical Violations in Human Services
BSHS 332 Week 5 Discussion Question 1
BSHS 332 Week 5 Discussion Question 2……………………………………BSHS 332 Week 5 Team Assignment Ethical Violations in Human ServicesLT Assignment
Discussion Paper on Ethical Violations in Human Services (3-5 pages). Select four of the below violation areas and discuss what you have learned, any relevant state laws, any relevant professional specific guidelines, and best practices that you have learned.
Areas of potential ethical violations in human services situations
• Self-interest vs. participant interests
• Boundaries
• Dual relationships (including sexual)
• Conflicts of interest
• Sexual harassment
• Level of training
• Ongoing development of expertise
• Level of professional skills
• Confidentiality
• Equality of treatment
• Respect for individual dignity
• Respect for religious, cultural, and other differences
• Issues of trust and keeping one’s word
• Informed consent
• Support of independence
• Appropriate and timely referrals
• Issues of client termination Submit the Learning Team Log. Submit the Learning Team Evaluation. Each team member will submit a separate copy to the instructor………………………………………………….BSHS 332 Week 2 Individual Assignment Workplace Ethical…

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