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Standardization by Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institution

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    |BANGLADESH STANDARDS AND TESTING INSTITUTION (BSTI) | .    Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institution (BSTI), the only National Standards body of  Bangladesh, is playing an   important role in developing and Promoting industrial   Standardization.

    Keeping in view that Standardization, metrology, testing and quality control in the industrial spheres are the basic pre-requisite of the infrastructure necessary for sound economic development of the country, the Government of Bangladesh has established the Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institution (BSTI) with the merger of Bangladesh Standards  Institution and the Central Testing Laboratories in 1985 through promulgating  “The Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institution Ordinance, 1985(Ordinance XXXVII of  1985)”.

    The BSTI is a body corporate and its administrative Ministry is the Ministry of Industries. .   The Institution so formed has become member of the International Organization  for standardization(ISO) in 1974. At present, BSTI is the Member/Affiliate Member/  Contact  Point/ Nodal Point of  the following International/Regional Organizations: pic]       International Organization for Legal Metrology (OIML) [pic]       Codex  Alimentarius Commission (CAC) of FAO/WHO [pic]       International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) [pic]       Asia Pacific Metrology Programme (APMP) [pic]       Asian Forum for Information Technology (AFIT) [pic]                   ISO Information Network (ISO NET)                 Standing Group for Standardization, Metrology, Testing and Quality Characteristics ? The Institutions task is to prepare Standards for all articles, products, methods and services. The Institution can   bring any product under BSTI’s Compulsory Certification marking after approval of the Govt. ? A regulation has already been notified by special Regulatory order named  BSTI Regulation 1989 for this purpose. ? The BSTI marks cannot be used under any  circumstances by others without approval in advance from BSTI. Only the standards  approved, and passed by  the Institution are called Bangladesh Standards. ? As a rule, the  Bangladesh Standards are voluntary. The compulsoriness of a standard requires of being as  Bangladesh one. Compulsory standards are published in the Official Gazette. The authority to which the Institution reports is the Ministry of Industries. Objective ¦ BSTI is entrusted with the responsibility of formulation of national Standards of industrial, food and chemical products keeping in view the regional and international standards. ¦ BSTI is responsible for the quality control of the products which are ensured as per specific national standards made by the technical committees formed by BSTI. ¦ BSTI is also responsible for the implementation of metric system and to oversee the accuracy of weights and measures in the Functions: The Functions of the Institutions: a) To set up Bangladesh Standards of quality and dimensions and prepare and promote the general adoption of standards on national and international basis relating to materials, commodities, structures, practices and operations and, from time to time, to withdraw, revise, alter and amend the same; (b) To consider and recommend to the Government Bangladesh Standards for the measurement of length, weight mass, volume, and, energy; (c) To promote standardization, quality control, metrology and simplification in industry and commerce; (d) To secure compliance with the Bangladesh Standards adopted by the Institution by the producers and users; (e) To implement Bangladesh Standards through the administration of a national certification mark scheme or inspection of goods or both; . (f) To provide or arrange facilities for examination, testing and inspection of commodities, processes and practices for any investigation, research or promotion of export that may be necessary and to issue test reports; .. (g) To certify the quality of commodities, materials, produces, products and other things including food materials, whether for local consumption, export or import; . .(h) To co ordinate the efforts of producers and users for the improvement of aterials, products, code of practice, appliances, processes and methods, so as to eliminate the national waste of material and time involved in the production of an unnecessary variety of patterns and sizes of articles for one and the same purpose; (i) To establish and publish, in such manner as may be prescribed, the Bangladesh Standard Specifications in relation to any article or process or code of practice; (j) to recognize, adopt or endorse as a Bangladesh Standard, in such manner as may be prescribed, any standard established by any other Institution in Bangladesh or in any foreign country, or by international organizations in relation to any article or process; (k) To specify a Standard Mark to be called the Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institution Certification Mark which shall be of such design and contain such particulars as may be prescribed to represent a particular Bangladesh Standard; (l) To grant, renew, reject, suspend or cancel, in such manner as may be prescribed, a license for the use of Standard Mark; (m) To make such inspection and take such samples of any material or substance as may be necessary to see Whether any article or process in relation to which the Standard Mark has been used or proposed to be used conforms to the Bangladesh Standard or whether the Standard Mark has been improperly used in relation to any, article or process with or without license; (n) To utilize with the permission of the owners, the services of laboratories other than those maintained by the Institution and approve such laboratories for the purpose of the Institution; (o) To make arrangements or provide for the facilities, for the testing and calibration of precision instruments, gauges and scientific apparatus and for the issue of certificates in regard thereto so as to make them comply with the required standards; (p) To undertake execution of any trust or any agency business which it may consider conducive to the attainment of, its objectives; (q) To co operate with any person, association, or organization, outside Bangladesh having objectives, similar to those for which the Institution is established; and (r) To do all such acts and things ancillary, or incidental to any of the aforesaid, functions. Limitation ? Lack of appropriate manpower ? Lack of technical support ? Lack of skill of the human resource ? Corruption

    Export promotion bureau of Bangladesh (EPB) Export promotion bureau (EPB), Bangladesh under the ministry of commerce is a government agency of the country, entrusted with the responsibilities of promoting export of the country. Function of EPB ? Coordinating export development efforts at different sectors and production levels, ? Formulating and adopting of policy and program for active promotion of exports ? Coordinating, monitoring and evaluating national export performance and analyze export trends ? Carrying out promotional activities in product development and expansion of supply side capacity. ? Exploring market’s of exportable abroad Collecting and disseminating trade information to the stakeholders ? Organizing participation in international trade fairs abroad ? Imparting training for HRD ? Conducting studies, surveys, research etc. for expansion and diversification of export and administrating and monitoring of RMG quota. OBJECTIVES OF EPB Export Promotion Bureau is under the department of the Ministry of Commerce and was established in 1963 with the main objective of promoting and supporting sustained growth in exports of goods and services both in terms of volume and value. OBJETIVES • Assist the govt. in formulating and administering export policy • Formulate export targets and monitor exports Recommend production for export and establishment of export oriented industries. • Receive and disseminate market intelligence • Sponsor incoming and outgoing trade delegations • Participating international trade fairs • Settlement of trade disputes • Markets studies, seminars and workshops • Registration of export houses abroad • Training of officers and businessmen • Export of services Limitation ? lack of appropriate manpower ? lack of technical support ? lack of skill of the human resource ? lack of coordination with other relevant organizations ? other supply side problems: scarcity of gas and electricity, and corruption, inconsistency in different policies.

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    What does Bsti stand for what are the duties of BSTI?
    The primary activities of the Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institution (BSTI) are: standardization of services and products (S); introduction of the international unit system of weights and measures and promotion of metrology services (M); promotion of quality assurance activities; rendering testing facilities for ...
    What is the full meaning of iso?
    The ISO full form is International Organization for Standardization. It is an independent, non-governmental, non-profitable, worldwide federation of national standards bodiesstandards bodiesA standards organization, standards body, standards developing organization (SDO), or standards setting organization (SSO) is an organization whose primary function is developing, coordinating, promulgating, revising, amending, reissuing, interpreting, or otherwise producing technical standards to address the needs of ... › wiki › Standards_organizationStandards organization - Wikipedia that can develop and publishes international standards.

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