Bullfighting Essay

Bullfighting is wrong and there are two ways you can go you can either support it or ignore it but no one really pays attention to these “little” things because that’s just it to other its “little” but animals not having rights is big, and everyone is not as aware of it as much as they must be. Even people in the more “civilized” countries watch this “blood sport” and watch innocent animals die. I don’t think anyone should kill or torture any animal no matter how big or small or nice or mean an animal may seem to be. Its cruelty what they do to them and it should be stopped.

Put yourself into the animals shoes, how would you feel is just because you can stand up for yourself you and your other 6 friends get chosen to basically die. Can you imagine how cold-hearted those people that encourage bullfighting are first they engage them with a cape and then when the bull he’s weak and can’t charge anymore, he kills him with a sword cutting through his cervical vertebra and heart. So think about it would you want to be put through that pain and not be able to defend yourself because they catch you off guard.

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This goes to show that human think that they are greater than the animal and have more rights than them but in reality we are from the same equality just different in appearance and if start to give those animals the respect and rights they deserve then the matadors don’t have to risk the chance of getting badly injured. If they do get injured then then the other matadors continue to kill yet after all they’ve done I ask myself why do they continue to torture it if it hasn’t done anything to them?

And that question will be never answered if we continue to allow this. The most insane part is that they even have something called “la corrida de toros” which in Spanish means the run of the bulls and they do this annually in Spain and thousands of people from all over the world go there to honour a patron saint ( San Fermin). For those seven days because according to the people it’s their favourite festival in terms of spectacle and excitement.

During this run of the bulls they get as many bulls as they can and torture them then they let them all go in the middle of the streets so they can liberally let out all the stress that the humans have caused and let it out by hurting and attacking others. The runners even dash along in front of the bulls, aiming to feel the breath of the bull on their backs, getting as close as possible. You may be asking yourself why would anyone let out mad bulls in the middle of the street where there are children and elders.

Is it really honouring a saint or is it more like wanting to get injured. This is all tied together because in the end after that they send them to their cages and then later on kill them in the bullfights. Doesn’t this sound disappointing and sad knowing that we are allowing this and that there is some people who enjoy it and encourage it that there is no harm done to the bulls. Well I’m suggesting that we all stand up and make this illegal throughout the WHOLE world because it’s very inhumane and immoral.

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