Bullying Argumentative Essay

Students see it happening all the time and they never speak. If any cases of bullying are reported or suspected, then the bully should get immediate punishment. Bullying affects one in every two teenagers in the United States. I myself have not exactly been bullied but I have lost a best friend due to bullying. We were as close of friends as anyone could be. We told each other everything, and we told each other we would be best friends forever no matter what obstacles got in the way.

We helped each other through tough times; we cried for each other; we supported each other in everything each of us did.

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Bullying Argumentative
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One day my best friend got a girlfriend, and he eventually let her destroy our friendship. His girlfriend was a bully. She bullied this girl that really liked him, and he really liked her, but his girlfriend split them up so she could have him to herself. I believe his girlfriend threatened him or something because he eventually would do anything she asked him to do.

His girlfriend not only disliked the girl that liked him, but she also did not like me for some unknown season, therefore she would try to bully me, and she later on bullied him to the point of where he could no longer be friends with me.

She sent me filthy text messages, told me all kinds of mean things, and she made it her goal for him to never talk to me, or be my friend again. The moment received the text from him saying that he could no longer be my friend because she did not like it; I fell apart. I could not hold back the tears. I tried my hardest to stand up to her, and stop her from bullying people, but nothing I could do seemed to help.

To prevent situations like this from happening or to help those who have been bullied; the bullies should suffer severe consequences, even on the first time they are caught, or suspected with valid points that they are bullying. I lost my best friend that day, and I am striving to see that no one else will become a victim of bullying or feel the effects of bullying. Thought that I had no one to talk to at that point in my life; I felt so alone and worthless. If felt those dreadful feelings, I can only imagine how others will or have felt due to the harmful effects of bullying.

President Obama once said, “Wide got to dispel this myth that bullying is just a normal rite of passage,” and this is very true because bullying is a crime, and should be strictly punished at the first signs of any harassment. Bullying is not a laughing matter because precious lives, relationships, and friendships are lost every day due to bullying. Let us all take a stand today against bullying. If we all do our part to prevent bullying then imagine how much better every person’s life could be. Http://sites. Google. Com/site/swanskins/bully-quotes Obama,

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