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Business Btec Level 3 Unit 1 P2



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    Table 3: Assignment 1. 2: P2 – Influence of Stakeholders Name of Organisation B:| Apple| Sector:| | Examples of Stakeholders| How are stakeholders influenced by the organisation? | How is the organisation influenced by the stakeholder? | Customers | The customers would be influenced because if the company are financially struggling the customers are there only hope to stay profiting. If the company was to go bust it means customers will no longer be able to shop there.

    The customers would be an external stakeholder, they can get information by advertisements and even check their annual report on the businesses website. | The establishment relies on their customers to shop at their stores but also they try and bring in customers so they make more money, the more profit they make on their products then the more successful the business will be. The customers can tell others about the business. | Staff| The staff would be interested to see if anything happens in the business, also to see how many other staff are employed.

    The staff would be communicated by the business by newsletter or meetings on a regular basis about new products etc. as they are internal stakeholders. Also staff gets paid by the company which influences them to be better. | The business is influenced by the staff as they make the improvements to the store by adding good customer service in which the existing customers would come back and the business would be recommended to new potential customers. | Competition | The competition is external stakeholders, they would find out information with the competitions annual report or internet.

    They would be interested to see how well they are doing as if they sell similar products for example the ipad and blackberry’s tablet so they can make improvements. | Competition would influence business as they can identify what the competition is selling so that the company can create products that are better that the competition so they can maintain and bring in new customers. | Suppliers| Suppliers are external stakeholders however they can find information through telephone calls or emails to A&F. he suppliers would be influenced as if they know the company isn’t doing well then they may not supply to that company as the suppliers wouldn’t make their money. | The company has a few different suppliers but relies on each supplier to bring in the stock for them to sell, if they didn’t have more than one supplier then they wouldn’t have anything to sell if one stopped production or went on strike. | Linked businesses | Linked companies with Apple such as Samsung would be external to Apple, they are linked however they are not involved with each other.

    In one way the companies would be competition with each other as they sell similar products but in different stores. They would find out the information through annual reports and meetings. | Linked businesses influence the company as more ideas in order to improve the company it creates a competition of pride both wanting to do their best to out weigh the other company. | Table 3: Assignment 1. 2: P2 – Influence of Stakeholders| Name of Organisation B:| John Lewis| Sector:| | Examples of Stakeholders| How are stakeholders influenced by the organisation? How is the organisation influenced by the stakeholder? | Investors| Investors are influenced by john lewis because if the company starts doing bad and loses money in the year instead of profit there are no bonuses at the end of the year for the investor and they can also loses a lot of money when the share price devalues. | The organisation use the investors’ money to invest in new promotional packages and ideas their money also goes towards the production of their factory needs and investments with a low grade risk and low grade beneficial return. Customers | Customers are external stakeholders. The customers would be interested in John Lewis so they can see what products are available on the market to them, they can also see how well they are doing financially to see if the business/shop they are interested in is going down or not. They will be able to find out financial information on the partnerships page with annual reports or find out about their products through advertising or the John Lewis website. John Lewis are influenced by customers as they rely on them for feedback to see if there’s any way they can improve on the business either in store or online.

    They also need to keep and bring in new customers to make more money. | Government| The government is influenced by John Lewis because the better the company have been doing over the years show that they are a profitable company which brings them wealth and allows them to trust the organisation to build more stores. | The government influence the company by allowing them to build new stores in certain areas and giving them the ecessary licences and grants they need to grow as a company| Community| The community is influenced because when there are more than one profitable store in their area it influences people from out of the community more of a reason to move there, therefore increasing the population. | John Lewis is influenced by the community because there could be potential employees and customers who can help the organisation be successfully. without the community there would be no business. Owners| If the company is doing bad for example when the recession hit the world the owners had to lower prices make deals and this resulted in making a slight lower profit from the overall year. The owner also needed to have regular meeting on how to improve sales. | Owners have a big say in how the aims of the business are decided, but other groups also have an influence over decision making. For example, the directors who manage the day-to-day affairs of a company may decide to make higher sales a top priority rather than profits. |

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