Business Case Report – Walmart


The point that I took away after having read the case report on Wal-Mart was that the reason Wal-Mart is able to continue mistreating their employees is because we as consumers support the continuation of the same unfair labor practices by giving them our repeat business over other the choice of spending our dollars at local merchants in our area.

It’s my opinion after having read the business case report on Wal-Mart that it’s the public’s common perception Wal-Mart is both socially as well as environmentally aware, conscious and pro-active in local communities, internationally as well as globally. Combine that with their numerous achievements such as the following: 2010’s Most Valuable Employers for Military by CivilianJobs. com & 2010’s Donor of the Year by Feeding America, for providing funds, vehicles, and more than 100 million pounds of food to the fact that “Planet Wal-Mart,” is supported by millions of people all around the world.

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I feel that it’s necessary to point this fact out, that this company, the largest retailer in the world is supported by so many. That the company has such support from so many followers in different capacities in spite of the fact that the sheer presence of the giant super-center is considered to be somewhat of a “death sentence” to America’s smaller towns. Small town “Main Street/Downtown” areas are desolated/”strip mined” in a sense.

They are robbed of their values and the small town “feel” or identity which is an essential component of what makes the people and the town who they are. Also, it’s been seen time and time again when the move of this devouring monster into small towns puts many of their local merchants out of business, causing urban sprawl and bringing in problems of traffic congestion & crime that were not present before its existence within their community.

Last but certainly not least are Wal-Mart’s repeated counts of unfair labor tactics. Based on these facts it is my belief that the real problem is that how can we, as a society, reach a point where we are not only ok with this taking place but we go further in supporting these practices via our choice to spend our dollar at Wal-Mart as opposed to choosing to spend a bit more so we can support other local merchants within our area?

Why do we chose to give our repeat business to an employer who’s everyday accepted practices include but are certainly not limited to paying their sales associates only enough to keep them at poverty level, who allegedly coheres their employees to work “off the clock” and or to work over-times without paying out to the employee over-time pay. Whose company tactics included such acts as classifying most employees as part time associates despite the hours worked on average.

Because keeping them characterized in such a way would allow the company to get out of their responsibility to offer such benefits as medical insurance to them. The real problem is how can we as consumers condone this mistreatment of Wal-Mart employees by not voicing in same way that we expect and will demand fair labor practices be used at all times by the retailers we support through our patronage?


My analysis of this case is that with the passing of Sam Walton he took with him the true spirit of the “Wal-Mart way. How can Wal-Mart continue to market their store as one that is supposedly inspired by the feeling of “home” when they don’t even take care of their employees aka the “family” of their home? I feel that after Sam passed away Wal-Mart lost its “heart” and it’s also my belief that having or not having heart/inspiration is not something that can be duplicated, re-created or “faked. ” Although, Wal-Mart appears as if they still are embracing the “Wal-Mart way” the countless re-occurring counts of unfair labor practices speaks louder than mere words/P.R.

As consumers why don’t we make a choice to shop elsewhere so that we can send Wal-Mart the message that I am individually making a decision though it may be more expensive or less convenient to shop with a retailer who does treat their employees well? Each individual can help to support or encourage the company heads to change their ways. It’s my wish that Wal-Mart executives are faced with the reality that they cannot continue using the name Sam Walton or his “Wal-Mart way” if they are going to continue treating their employees so poorly.


I say that change starts with the acknowledgment and admission that change must take place if Wal-Mart heads wish to continue using Sam Walton’s way as their identity. That the change must begin at the employee level. They must support their employees, they must make better choices designed to benefit their employees as well as their families and move on from there. They must begin at base level before any true long lasting change can take place.

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