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Business environment assignment uk Essay

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Planning and preparation can end up with faster response times The agencies and public services that respond to major incident to work together also do emergency planning together they do this to ensure that all the public services are working to the same goals when responding to major incident. This also can show any potential problems that could and identify areas where public services need to improve upon to efficiently respond to major incident.

If there was no Inter-agency planning and communication it would mean the public services would not be able to respond to the incident due to poor leaning and preparation.

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Business environment assignment uk
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Poor planning by the public services can result in poor response times which can end up with serious or death of the people that were involved in the incident. Also if there was no inter-agency planning and communication then this mean the public service will not be able to work toward a common goal when responding to a major incident.

Without any inter-agency planning it could leave public services unprepared for future major incidents ND it also doesn’t show any area of improvement that would be highlighted if there was inter-agency planning but there is none then it could result in injuries and even deaths. All of this show inter-agency planning is extremely important to public services when they are responding to major incident, it also allows the public services to respond to the incident efficiently and effectively because of this it mean that I could mean more life’s are saved and prevent any further escalation of the incident

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