Leadership style Paragraph

Attempt to use PAP style to cite your outside resources. Sample Outline: Introduction Paragraph – Introduce the business leader’s name, background, occupation, and their position within the company. Identify the company or companies that the leader has worked for. Section 1: Business Leadership Background and Traits Paragraph 1: Describe the business leader’s development to become a leader. Paragraph 2: Describe the business leader’s views on leadership Paragraph 3: Describe what they’ve done to grain a strong reputation Section 2: Leadership style Paragraph 1: Describe their leadership and motivational traits.

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Leadership style Paragraph
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Paragraph 2: Describe what makes the leader effective. Paragraph 3: Describe how and what they measure or measured to ensure that their team or company is meeting objectives and are on target. Section 3: Examples of leadership Paragraph 1: Identify and describe one example of their leadership abilities. Paragraph 2: Identify and describe a second example of their leadership abilities. Paragraph 3: Identify and describe a third example of their leadership abilities. Conclusion: Summarize the leadership qualities and observations that you have found in your research.

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