Business Plan for YSDPC Waterproofing Company

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Business Plan – COMPANY WRITE UP


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YSDPC Waterproofing is a proudly South African Brand. YSDPC Waterproofing is a South African Company that Manufactures, supplies and applies a scope of constructing care merchandises state broad, with our systems and solutions for:

  • Torch-on sealing
  • Acrylic sealing
  • Cementitious waterproofing
  • Concrete roof slabs
  • Zinc and tiled roofs
  • Retaining walls
  • Foundation walls
  • Balconies and terraces
  • Multi-level boarded systems
  • Roof flashings and vales
  • Reservoirs, pools and armored combat vehicles
  • Flower boxes
  • Parapet walls
  • Face brick sealing
  • Damp cogent evidence applications
  • Rising moistness
  • Lateral moistness
  • Penetrating moistness
  • Chemical injection DPC
  • Exterior and interior walls
  • Basement and basements
  • Showers and bathrooms
  • Subsoil and drainage systems
  • Slurry coatings
  • Tanking


At YSDPC Waterproofing, we recognize the assorted challenges posed to keeping edifices, due to our rough South African clime. We manufacture all our merchandises specifically for the South African market. We guarantee that your edifice is maintained, be it a residential edifice, commercial edifice or an industrial edifice, so that you can be satisfied with the long term value added to your belongings.


YSDPC Waterproofing merchandises are all manufactured from the highest quality Environmentally Friendly natural stuffs that are available to us globally. Not merely do we integrate Environmentally friendly and Eco-Friendly natural stuffs into our merchandises, but our Fabrication procedures, are besides based on minimising the usage of our natural resources.


YSDPC Waterproofing’s purpose is to supply all our clients at the residential degree, commercial degree or industrial degree, with cost effectual, long term solutions, at the first blink of an eye.

We provide you, our valued Customer with, environmentally-friendly Building Maintenance, long term Professional solutions.


DURAM proudly produces the best high quality coatings for our South African market topographic point. This scope includes coatings for waterproofing floors and metals. With huge cognition and experience you can be assured that DURAM merchandise makers use their advanced thought to fabricate intelligent pigments that are guaranteed to better the lifetime of your assets. DURAM is a South African merchandise which is manufactured to last in our alone clime and it to the full adheres to the local and international criterions.

ABE is a taking supplier of advanced and cost effectual sealing merchandises within our South African market. ABE is a provider of usage and specialized merchandises to our retail merchants, building and care industries, including civil technology industries. They distribute from their two fabrication workss in South Africa, which makes supply easy and efficient for ABE. These merchandises are a good value for your money local waterproofing solution.

With the turning planetary accent being put on Eco-friendly merchandises there has been a strong involvement in the new environmentally friendly sealing merchandises that was late launched on the South African market by ABE building chemicals.

7 new environmentally friendlymerchandises

  1. ABE Proof Acrylic Primer
  2. ABE Proof Anti Root
  3. ABE Thermal Shield
  4. ABE PU Eco
  5. ABE Proof Acrylic
  6. Matrix K11
  7. Duraproof Dekflex System

THE Market

How fast is the market turning?

There has been a turning substructure demand in the South African development sector, which is related the investing that is taking topographic point in South Africa and Africa. The countries of investing which include H2O sanitation, power, energy, conveyance, logistics, adjustment and installations, telecommunications wellness and instruction, and mineral extractions substructure.

We give support to the turning substructure of South Africa through the strategic partnerships with our local and international providers

The technology and building industry is a growing filled sector locally and in the remainder of Africa

The technology and building sector creates and sustains occupations, contributes to the national financial gross and it seeks to better the wellbeing of the many of its citizens who are employed by the sector. Without substructure, sustainable societal and economic development will non be possible.



Is dedicated to the support, publicity and protection of the company of the common involvements of its clients stipulating governments, its contractors and its makers to guarantee that there is unity and professionalism in the sealing industry.

The sealing industry sector comprises of the rank of WFSA

  • Waterproofing contractors
  • Waterproofing stuffs and makers
  • Affiliate and associate members from the edifice engineering division of the C.S.I.R Institute of S.A Architects, the SA Institute of edifice, the South African agency of criterions, every bit good as other professional and instruction organic structures.


The concerns of clients by and large lie in the three basic countries

  • The client needs to be certain that she/he obtains adept advice during the choice of the merchandise and system right at the beginning
  • That the sealing will be right and professionally installed to the industry criterions
  • That after installing she/he will cognize how to travel about keeping the waterproofing right.

By the client covering with any of our WFSA members they can be assured that they will obtain the best advice and service harmonizing to the above.


Whilst the huge bulk of installing work that is carried out by the WFSA contractor the member is problem free. The federation besides acknowledges that there may be certain occasions when the criterion of work considered by the client is less than what are desired industry criterions. It is peculiarly in this country that WFSA will help.

When a client has a cause for a legitimate ailment against any contractor member WFSA can be contacted to offer impartial advice and aid as the juncture demands


First it is indispensable that the WFSA member is afforded a sensible chance to rectify any defect as ailments can normally be settled in this mode


If for whatsoever ground the ailment against the member can non be settled the client must reach WFSA who will be ready and willing to ‘Conciliate’ in the affair. Once the inside informations of the ailment is obtained, the conciliation will normally affect acquiring into contact with the member and so if necessary, set uping for a site review to assist set up the facts and to measure the fortunes. This conciliation action will usually take to the affair being resolved.


  • ABE – Is a taking provider in the South African market that is committed to supply cost effectual & A ; advanced merchandises
  • DURAM – Is a proudly South African trade name and is the taking manufacturer of top quality metal coatings and waterproof flooring
  • RB10 – Is a local maker of a broad scope of waterproofing and priming pigments and chemicals
  • SIKA – Is a sure trade name within the SA edifice and building industries providing specialised solutions.


  • To protect the common involvement of providers and makers to guarantee they do non have inauspicious promotion, unjust incrimination, or loss of sale due to misapply of their merchandises
  • To thoroughly investigate ailments and excessively assist in a quick, cost effectual solution of the jobs
  • To move as a distribution Centre for information on new merchandises the maker wants to convey to the notice of the industry
  • To set up preparation for members and makers, supplier’s premises in order to guarantee the right use and increased client satisfaction.

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