Business Planning – set up a business

In order to achieve my course in Business Planning, I’ve been asked to set up a business. My chosen business is to set up a tea room in the high street of Smethwick in Birmingham.

It has come to my attention through market research that in Britain, 165 millions cups of tea are drunk everyday. Hence, I’ve realised that in my area, it seems to be lot of young people aged 16-24. So I come up with the idea of a modern tea room.A modern tea room is a room where people come to have a cup of tea or coffee, sometimes with a sandwich, snack or some soft drinks.

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I expect my potential customers to be young people aged 16-24, but also some adults from 24 and above.My location as stated above is the High Street of Smethwick. I decided to chooseThis because it’s a commercial area and attracts a lot of people, as it’s the main road used by people to commute to work, school and other places where ever. It’s also a central zone, which link businesses, schools, and the central market to people’s houses.

One of the strongest reasons of choosing this location is the fact that there is a lack of businesses that offered hot drinks, as mostly they are located in the City centre and some tourists sites.I would offer hot drinks: tea of different varieties, including iced tea, decaffeinated teas, fruit and herbal tea. I would also add as accessory products coffee, hot and ice cream, snacks, sandwiches and patisseries for the simple reasons offering to my customers a balance menu and to gain as much profit as possible. My customers will be able to help themselves to vanilla, cocoa, cinnamon, and nutmeg cappuccino shakers as well different sugars and also honey as a healthy alternative.

Lot of my close competitors sell my accessory products but not the tea or coffee.There is lot of indirect competitors such as take-away shops, pizza shops, pubs ands convenience shops. Therefore, I would need to identify them one by one and analyse their strategies in order to be more competitive in the market.The chosen name for my business is JAZZ CAF�.

I focus my attention in the fact that this name is catchy and well known of both young and adults. It’s funky since the target market is young people.I have discussed this name with undergraduate students of Aston University doing Business.Mission StatementProvide high quality products to my customers in an ambient and smart atmosphere at a reasonable price.

Provide A friendly and experienced staff and a good customer care.Overall objectives* Provide high quality product to customers* Understand customers’ needs* Provide an ambient and friendly atmosphereTo succeed in my business, I would need to undertake an in-depth market research to have a real idea of my market and to analyse it and prepare a marketing plan thereafter.

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