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Business Proposal Contents

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The typical contents of a full form business or strategic plan are listed below. Executive summary * What is the business? * What is the market? * What is the potential for the business? * Forecast profit figures * Funding requirements * Prospects for the investor/ lender Description of the business What is the business? * A brief description of the business idea and why it should be a success * History of the enterprise and its ownership * Information about the entrepreneur’s qualifications, experience and financial status * Location

Products and services * A description of the product and what it does * An explanation of ways in which the product is distinctive and unique * Analysis of the competition * How the product will be developed and what new products are being considered as replacements * Intangible assets & protection (e.

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Business Proposal Contents
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g. copyright, trade marks) The market * Size and expected growth of the market * Analysis of market by segments * Identification of target segments Competitors – who they are, ownership, size, market share, likely response to the challenge * Customers (existing & potential) – who they are, how they buy, why they buy * Distribution channels Situational audit (where are we now? ) This involves data collection and analysis Purpose of data collection and analysis: * Determine which opportunities to pursue * Identify SWOT * Identify competitive advantages * Provide a background for the formulation of strategy Main analytical techniques: * PEST/ PESTLE analysis * SWOT analysis * Competitor analysis * Marketing audit Statement of aims and objectives (where do we want to go? * A statement of what the business should achieve over a five year period * Aims should be expressed in terms of hierarchy of objectives becoming progressively more detailed and specific * Vision – what the organisation will be like in the future * Mission statement – a statement of the overall purpose and aims * SMART Objectives – quantitative goals.

* Functional objectives – objectives for the functional areas Strategy and tactics * How are we to get there? * Strategy is the broad approach to the achievement of objectives * Summarises how to fulfil the objectives * Tactics refer to the details of the strategy e. . the promotional mix * The detail will be contained in programmes and budgets Marketing: key questions to be answered * Who are our customers? * Who are our competitors? * What is the size and growth rate of the market? * How is the market segmented? * What is special about our product or service? * What are our competitive advantages? * What is our marketing strategy? Marketing plan * Market research * Segmentation and targeting * Detailed outline of the product or service * Unique selling points * Chosen pricing strategy * Promotional plans * Distribution strategy (including online) * Customer service strategy Operations plan Physical location * The production process * Facilities * Equipment * Scale & location of operations * Capacity – potential and effective * ICT strategy * Engineering and design support * Materials required * Inventory levels and stock control plans * Purchasing arrangements * Sources of supply of key resources * Quality control plans * Staffing requirements Management and organisation * Organisational chart * Details of senior management * Corporate governance * Staffing requirements * Key personnel * Recruitment and selection * Training * Rewards (financial & non-financial) * Labour relations * Employment and related costs

Forecasts in the business plan * Sales forecast * Forecast profit and loss account (income statement) * Cash flow forecast (cash budget) * In each case this should be a month by month forecast for a minimum of two years * Forecast balance sheet for each of the first two years * The assumptions behind the forecast should also be included Financial data * Investment appraisal – payback and discounted cash flow * Break even analysis * Evaluation criteria for performance review * Ratio analysis: net profit margin, Gross profit margin, return on capital employed, liquidity and solvency analysis Financing required Details of capital required and uses * The plan must include details of the external finance required * This will be equal to the finance required less finance raise internally from existing owners and from operations * The plan will outline how it is proposed to raise the finance * Sources of finance: Short, medium and long term; Debt v equity Other Business Study Resources You Might Like on tutor2u Starting a BusinessSources of Finance for a Startup Franchising Cash Flow Forecasting for a Startup Creating & Protecting Business Ideas Startups and Understanding the Market Market Research for a Startup

Locating the Startup Business Choosing a Legal Structure for a Startup Employing People in a Startup Generating and Protecting a Business Idea Using Breakeven in Decision-Making | FinanceRevenues Breakeven Basics Costs, Revenues and Profits Business Costs Using Budgets Using Breakeven in Decision-Making Investment Appraisal Basics Financial Strategies Measuring and Improving Profit Improving Cash Flow Working Capital Balance Sheet Income Statement Financial Efficiency Ratios Profitability Ratios and ROCE Liquidity Ratios Gearing | MarketingCompetition Products & Brands Place (Distribution) Promotion Pricing

Price Elasticity of Demand | Business OrganisationBasics of Business Growth Business Activities Legal Structure Basics Franchising Sole Traders and Partnerships Limited Companies Generating and Protecting a Business Idea Organisational Structures | PeopleWorking in Teams Communication Basics Communication Methods Workforce Planning Recruitment, Selection & Training Employee Motivation Organisational Structures | OperationsOperational Objectives Critical Path Analysis Scale and Resource Mix Lean Production Capacity Management Customer Service Basics Managing Quality Operational Decision-making Using Technology in Operations

Working with Suppliers | Economic EnvironmentEconomic Sectors Government Spending & Taxation Inflation Unemployment Interest Rates & Monetary Policy | Business StrategyLeadership styles Business Culture Change Management| Add your comments and share this study note: Please enable JavaScript to view the <a href=”http://disqus. com/? ref_noscript”>tutor2u blog comments are powered by Disqus. </a> Search tutor2u ————————————————- Top of Form Order by Search tutor2u Bottom of Form Related study notes Strategic Models & Analysis Boston Matrix Benchmarking Competitor Analysis

Core Competencies Five Forces Model GE Industry Matrix McKinsey Growth Pyramid PEST Analysis Strategic Audit SWOT Analysis Value Chain Analysis Strategic Planning What is Strategy? Competitive Advantage Mission Objectives Strategy and Marketing Strategic Resources Vision Balanced Scorecard – Introduction Balanced Scorecard – Perspectives Managing Change Introduction Force Field Analysis (Lewin) Resistance & Barriers Implementation Corporate Social Responsibility Corporate Social Responsibilty – Introduction Corporate Social Responsibilty – Issues Risk Management Introduction Risk Management Planning & Action Global Business

Introduction Competitiveness Global Strategy Globalisation Stakeholders Introduction Interests and Power Economic Environment Economic Growth Business Cycle Business & Growth Interest Rates Technological Change Leadership Role of leadership Leadership models & styles Growth Strategy Business Culture & Ethics Introduction to Ethics Culture – Introduction Culture – Types Culture – Role in Change Download for Android Download for IOS Economics Economics Home Page AQA: ECON1 ECON2 ECON3 ECON4 OCR: F581 F582 F583 F584 F585 Edexcel: Unit 1 Unit 2 Unit 3 Unit 4 IB Diploma Economics GCSE Economics Revision presentations

Revision notes Find resources by topic tag (A-Z) Browse economics categories Economics revision workshops Follow tutor2u Economics on Twitter Business Studies Business Studies Home Page Help with Exam Technique Revision quizzes Revision presentations Q&A study notes Find resources by topic tag (A-Z) Browse business categories Revision workshops (AQA A Level) Revision workshops (GCSE) What’s hot on the Business Blog Specific Exam Board Support: AQA BUSS1 BUSS2 BUSS3 BUSS4 GCSE & IGCSE Business BTEC First in Business BTEC National in Business Follow tutor2u Business on Twitter Govt & Politics Govt & Politics Home Page

What’s hot on the Politics Blog Find resources by topic tag (A-Z) Browse business categories Sociology Sociology Home Page What’s hot on the Sociology Blog Find resources by topic tag (A-Z) Browse Sociology categories IB Diploma IB Diploma Home Page What’s hot on the IB Diploma Blog Find resources by topic tag (A-Z) Browse IB Diploma categories History History Home Page What’s hot on the History Blog Find resources by topic tag (A-Z) Browse History categories Law Law Home Page What’s hot on the Law Blog Find resources by topic tag (A-Z) Browse Law categories Religious Studies Relgious Studies Home Page What’s hot on the RS Blog

Find resources by topic tag (A-Z) Browse RS categories Subject Resource Blogs Business Studies Economics (A Level) Economics (GCSE) Govt & Politics Law Sociology History IB Diploma Religious Studies Geography Professional Development Upcoming CPD courses & conferences… : Making Finance Fun 2012 (London) TBBLE 2013 – The Best Business Lesson Ever (various dates) AQA Business Step up to A2 AQA New to AS Business Studies A2 Economics – Teaching the Global Economy AQA GCE Business Section A Briefing AQA GCE Business Section B Briefing Business Teacher National Conf 2013 Economics Teacher National Conf 2013 Student Events

EntrepreneurLIVE! 2012 (Oct 2012) AS & A2 Economics Revision Workshops – Winter 2012 (micro focus) AQA BUSS1 & BUSS3 Revision Workshops Winter 2012 GCSE Business Studies Revision Workshops Spring 2013 (AQA & Edexcel) AS & A2 Economics Revision Workshops – Spring 2013 (Macro focus) AQA BUSS2 & BUSS4 Revision Workshops Spring 2013 Buy Teaching Resources Pre-released case study toolkits Economics Business Studies Politics Sociology Digital Magazines PowerPoint Lesson Games Digital Magazine Login Business Cafe econoMAX FPTP Teacher Communities Join our teacher community on Linkedin Creative Teaching Ideas

Give It A Go teaching blog tutor2u Mobile Learning App Ideas for lesson starters The Biz Quiz Economics in the News Quiz Jobs & Vacancies Promote your vacancy on tutor2u Keep in Touch Contact tutor2u Follow tutor2u on twitter Join the conversation with colleagues in our teacher community on Linkedin ————————————————- Top of Form Refine Search by Subject A Level Economics Business Studies GCSE Economics Geography Give It A Go! History Law IB Diploma Politics Religious Studies Sociology Order Search Results By Search tutor2u Bottom of Form Hide Show * homepage-rotate-tbble-2013-a omepage-rotate-tbble-2013 * GCSE Business Studies Revision Workshops Spring 2013 GCSE Business Studies Revision Workshops Spring 2013 * AQA BUSS4 Section B Briefing 2012/13 AQA BUSS4 Section B Briefing 2012/13 * Edexcel Unit 4a Supergroup Pre-release Toolkit Edexcel Unit 4a Supergroup Pre-release Toolkit * EntrepreneurLIVE! 2012 – Where Students Learn Direct from Entrepreneurs! EntrepreneurLIVE! 2012 – Where Students Learn Direct from Entrepreneurs! * homepage-rotate-dubai2013announce homepage-rotate-dubai2013announce * AS & A2 Economcis Revision Workshops Winter 2012 AS & A2 Economcis Revision Workshops Winter 2012

The latest from tutor2u subject blogs on Twitter AS#404: NO AD FOUND IN ROTATION tutor2u Home Page | Online Store | About tutor2u | Copyright Info | Your Privacy | Terms of Use Working with Our Partners Zondle – Games for Learning | Sapphire Education | Vue Cinemas | Moneypenny | Nexcess | Really Simple Systems Boston House | 214 High Street | Boston Spa | West Yorkshire | LS23 6AD | Tel +44 0844 800 0085 | Fax +44 01937 529236 Company Registration Number: 04489574 | VAT Reg No 816865400 tutor2u is proud to sponsor TABS Cricket Club and the Wetherby Cricket League as part of its commitment to invest in local junior sport

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