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Campus Journalism

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Journalism for future writers Course Code : English 133 Credit : 3 units Course Title : Campus Journalism Course Description: The course is designed to develop skills and apply principles and strategies in writing various pars of a campus paper. Objectives and Learning Outcomes: Upon successful completion of the course, the students will be able to: 1. Demonstrate competence in writing news stories, editorials, special features, headlines, design layout, edit, revise and polish news copy. 2. Develop reporting skills : * observation and listening * verifying information interviewing * reporting techniques * writing the lead 3.

Engage in the production of a College newspaper and be responsible for all aspects of the production process 4. Understand legal and ethical considerations related to campus journalism 5. Be responsible for items they publish. Course Outline: I. Introduction: a. Definition of journalism b. Role of journalism in society c. Kinds of journalism: Print journalism, Broadcast journalism, On-line journalism d. Elements of journalism e. Variations of journalism II. Campus Journalism a. Writing News * Elements of news * Requisites of news Types of news stories * Guidelines in writing news stories b.

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Campus Journalism
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Writing the Editorial * Editorial defined * Parts of an editorial * Types of editorial c. Writing Columns According to Purpose: * Editorial column * Readers column * Business column * Sports column * Art column * Women’s column * Entertainment column

* Personality column * Reviews According to Contents: * Opinion Column * Hodge-podge Column * Essay Column * Gossip Column * Dopester’s Column d. Writing Features * Definition of Features * Characteristics of Feature Stories * Elements of a feature story * Qualities of a good feature story . Writing Sports Story * Structure of the Sports Story * Parts of the Sports News Story * The Classic Five Ws Lead * Guidelines for Sports Writing f. Headline Writing * Functions of Headlines * Structure of Headlines * Guidelines in writing headlines g. Layout/Makeup * Functions of layout * Types of front page makeup * Do’s and don’ts in page making h. Photojournalism * Picture selection * Caption writing III. Ethics and Laws of the Press * Code of Ethics * Criteria of a good newspaper IV. The Newspaper Law * Libel V. Style Guide * Punctuation * Abbreviation * Syllabication * Use of Figures Capitalization Methods of Instruction * Lecture * Group/Individual Activity * Discussion * Reading Assignments * Audio Visual Materials * Field Trips Assessment methods and/or tools Assessment methods include formative assessment, such as class activities, tests and evaluation of writing assignments. Reference : Any Journalism book Internet CREATIVE BRIEF + WIREFRAMES ARTICLES GENERAL NEWS WEBSITE Each Major story VIDEO CLIPS/SLIDE SHOW (shot + Stock), article and transcript of video ———————– SAINT PEDRO POVEDA COLLEGE EDSA cor. P. POVEDA ST. , QUEZON CITY College Department

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