Can Money Buy Happiness and Love? Essay

I honestly believe that money cannot buy happiness and love - Can Money Buy Happiness and Love? Essay introduction. Happiness is the side-affect of feeling physically or spiritually fulfilled, it is how we feel when we are not destroying our lives. Happiness is how we feel when we can see that we are progressing in the direction that we want to, it is when we can see all that we dream of obtaining getting closer to us. Money cannot directly buy happiness as it is something that is as individual as the person seeking it and not material in nature, it is a state of being.

You can brainwash a person into feeling some kind of happiness, but real happiness only comes from honest personal growth. Now love. Love is a feeling that doesn’t lie. When we love or are in love there is no denying it, it controls our lives and determines how our bodies feel. Money cannot buy love because love is also a state of being and no matter how much money someone gives you unless you actually love them you cannot fake it. Your stomach will not quiver, your eyes will not hunger nor will your heart grow heavy for this person who has bought your love.

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Can Money Buy Happiness and Love? Essay
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Disillusioned individuals believe the hype that money can buy happiness and love for them. But this is a self-destructive idea indeed because being unaware of the lie these people will continue to spend money to buy their happiness and buy love from others. Buy if they just look at what they are doing they will see that they are stuck in an endless cycle where they spend money for temporary happiness and love which leaves them unfulfilled as soon as they have been satisfied.

With the media machine being what it is today it is highly unlikely that they will promote happiness and love as being separate from material possessions. They try to convince us that chocolates, soda, computer games, etc will bring us happiness. They also try to convince us that sex is somehow the same as love. We are all part of a very dangerous brainwashing program so it’s up to the individual to make their own mind up about it.

We need not have to look further than the crap we have in our houses to see how we have been brainwashed into purchasing things we don’t need and probably don’t even like. They use this idea of “cool” to sell useless crap, all they need to do is promote it, have a celebrity use it and endorse it, then sell it by the millions. Another technique is the happy faces that sell us products on television, they are obviously showing us that having the product will make us as happy as they are.

It wouldn’t work very well if a sad droopy-faced person walked out and said, “Hey you can buy this pepsi if you want to, but I wouldn’t if I were you. ” So in conclusion money cannot buy real happiness and love, all you will receive is the illusion of happiness and love for your money. But beware of the addiction that this brings along with it, a false association between money and happiness will further drive you into confusion and you will lose the idea of what it actually means to feel fulfilled.

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