Can you please spare me some money, little boy?

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He, sitting on a chair, looked around to find the source of the trembling sound: an old man, whose hands quivering, eyes seeming exhausted. The little boy put his hand into his pocket, searching for somethingsmall to him, yet big to the old man. Unfortunately, the pocket was empty and thus emptiness would fill the man’s expectation. Little happiness, being grabbing some bread and feeding his hungry stomach, would be robbed way from him. Poverty.

That little boy was born in Vietnam, where poverty remains, unemployment seems likely and, like anywhere, you have to struggle with life to survive. Also, it is where he wants to leave; not that he wants to be like a bird, flying away from its own nest, finding a better place to prosper, just to be lost and missing its home. He knows that Vietnam, his loving country, is advancing fast. However, good rate is not equivalent to good progress, for speeds often betrays quality, while quality always brings happiness.

So fast is it developing that the utterly important factor, technology, is left out of the ring of concern. Technology! A long time ago, human, or the Homo, made fire, which might have been preferred as the ‘dangerous twisting and turning living thing with the color of our great Sun’, by striking rocks together. Nowadays, humans give rise to that ‘sunny thing’, given the official nameFire, simply by using matches or lighters. Technology is essential, so that we could work smarter, not harder with innovative ways of managing force and thoughts.

And that innovations are what developed countries have and are willing to give is a concrete fact. Therefore, Vietnamese students loving their country should seek and hunt down every each opportunity to study abroad. So will I. Once the cruel processes of searching, filling, sending, waiting have been left in the past, once my luck has held, and once I have got a scholarship, I will do my best to absorb elements that.

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