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Carbon Dioxide and Key Point

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States in the South felt that tariff laws requiring import taxes on foreign products were unfair because they helped the northern industrialists and hurt the southern agricultural economies. When South Carolina threatened to nullify the tariff treaties and secede from the Union, President Jackson took a strong stand. Although he believed in states’ rights, Jackson’s response to the Nullification Crisis proved that the federal government had the authority to put national interests over those of the individual states.

Now apply what you have learned about Jackson and the Nullification Crisis to a fictional United Nations scenario.

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Carbon Dioxide and Key Point
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United Nations Scenario: The Secretary General of the United Nations forces member nations to cut back on carbon dioxide emissions even if profitable national industries will lose money. Related key points: Ordinance of Nullification States’ rights Compromise Tariff Tariff of abominations Jackson’s national focus Tariffs of 1824 and 1828 1.

Yakin Abacu, the newly appointed secretary general of the United Nations (UN), is Algerian and strongly supports African nations’ independence in negotiating with more powerful industrialized countries.

Related key point: States’ rights Because they believe in the rights of the Africans 2. Like many African nations, Algeria has had some recent economic success with new industries. These new industries are now being asked to lower their carbon dioxide emissions to help reduce global warming. Reduction efforts are expensive and technologically complicated.

Related key point: Tariff of abominations This is like asking SC to pay high tariff. 3. A more moderate Global Carbon Dioxide Emission Treaty is proposed, but the Algerian delegates are still angry. They argue that Algeria should not be asked to sacrifice its few thriving industries for the global reduction in carbon dioxide emissions. Related key point: Tariffs of 1824 and 1828 Copyright © 2013, SAS Institute Inc. , Cary, NC, USA, All Rights Reserved Page 1 of 2 Social Studies 1261 SAS® Curriculum Pathways® Because they are more like the moderate tariffs. . UN delegates from Algeria send a formal complaint to the secretary general threatening to vacate their seats on UN committees if forced to obey rules about carbon dioxide emissions that would hurt their economy. Related key point: Compromise Tariff They are complaing about it, like they did about compromise Tariff. 5. Many presume that the Algerian secretary general will sympathize with the Algerian delegation. But in a speech before the entire body, the secretary general affirms that member nations must be willing to conform to global treaties.

Related key point: Jackson’s national focus Like they thought Jackson would support the south but he didn’t 6. Other African nations hurt by the Global Carbon Dioxide Emission Treaty work with the secretary general on a compromise that will help African nations follow the guidelines of the global treaties and expand their industrial economies. Related key point: Ordinance of Nullification They are trying to Nullify the Global Carbon Dioxide Emission Copyright © 2013, SAS Institute Inc. , Cary, NC, USA, All Rights Reserved Page 2 of 2

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