Careers Grade 10 Essay - Part 10

I think I acted very professional with Trudy - Careers Grade 10 Essay introduction. I was very comfortable having an interview with her as she is a hairdresser, something I would want to pursue in life. I was not nervous at all because I have known her since I was 4 years old. I learned a lot from the interview, how crazy a salon is during the week, from the noise in the background and you have to work a lot 15 hours a week. Also I have learned a lot of products they use in a salon, that I had no idea that they carry in the salon because not a lot of salons carry the shampoo and conditioner called fast; it is a product that makes your hair grow faster.

I was always interested in the field of cosmetology I am still a little indecisive on what I want to be, a cosmetology teacher or a hair dresser. If I had to pick what I want to become now it would be a cosmetology teacher, but you have to be a hairdresser before you are a cosmetology teacher, they both have to deal with hair and makeup and some cases nails.

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The interview did help me understand more about the occupation by knowing more on what I have to do, since I have to be a hairdresser first, I would want to see which one I would be more interested in and enjoy more I am lucky I get to do both, being a hairdresser first before getting into the field of teaching.

What I learned in the world of work doing your work properly and being on time because both is very important. You need to be on time and do all tasks on time; we learn that in elementary-high school

The most interesting thing i learned about this occupation is to deal with hair and makeup all day, something I would enjoy, but the most challenging thing is to work for minimum 13 hours a day.

Yes this job is something I would want to pursue in the future because I am so interested and fascinated in hair makeup and nails. Learning about different hair products for different types of hair that wouldn’t damage the hair also dying hair from the original colour the client has, to do what colour the client desires, example(if a client hair is black and they want their hair medium blonde with blonde highlights. Also learning different kinds of braids such as the chain braid, fish tail, rope braid, cornrows.etc…

Success isn’t the key to happiness.
Happiness is the key to success.
If you love what you do, you will be successful -Jessica H The quote means you have to enjoy what you do to be successful, because if you are listening to your parents that you have to go to university to be a doctor, and you don’t want to pursue that career as a permanent occupation, you won’t do as well as you would pursuing something you enjoy.

Table of contents
Page 1 Describe the overall experience
Page 2 Describe the occupation
Page 3 Discuss whether any of the self assessments from class helped Page 4 What did you learn about the world of work
Page 5 Explain the most interesting things you learned about the occupation Page 6 Do you think the job is something you would like to pursue in the future

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