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Case Assignment and Grading Rubric Fa

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The case will require research through the FAST Accounting Standards Codification, as well as research of the International Financial Reporting Standards promulgated by the SAAB, so that he student can demonstrate an understanding of how US and international standards differ on the given topic area. The case will be a small group or individual assignment, depending on the Professor’s discretion.

The selected case presents “real-life” situations that requires you to demonstrate mastery of an accounting topic, ability to critically evaluate the material, conduct research through the FAST ASS and SAAB, formulate an opinion or make a decision on the issue(s) raised in the case, and to communicate findings.

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Case Assignment and Grading Rubric Fa
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The case write-ups and participation in a class discussion are aimed at honing business analytical and communications skills.

This assignment may be completed as an individual assignment or as a team project (with no more than three team members). Team members must be identified to the Professor no later than Thursday November 13, 2014.

If a team project, all team members will receive the same grade on the assignment. You are to read through the case provided, research the topic areas discussed in the case using (1 ) your textbook, 2) Fax’s Accounting Standards Codification, and (3) SAAB. You will then prepare a written response to the questions listed in the case.

You should frame your responses in the content of the specific business situation presented in the case so that the reader of your response can understand how the authoritative accounting literature should be applied to the given case. The written response must include references to the accounting authority (FAST ASS and SAAB) to substantiate your point-of-view and your conclusions. Access codes to the accounting standards are listed on the course Blackboard under Contents. Your written response to the case must be typed on 8 1/2″ X 11″ paper and 1. Spaced using 12-point font. A length of 2-3 pages would tend to be appropriate. The paper should be in good grammatical form and in an acceptable research paper format. The assignment is due in class on MONDAY, NOVEMBER 24, 2014. You should be prepared to discuss your findings in class during a class discussion on that date. Student: Case Assessment Rubric Logistics Was the case write-up in the appropriate form (i. E. Typed on 8 1/2″ X 11″ paper and 1. 5 spaced; a length of 2-3 pages? = very much so; not at all Language & Style Does the writer use standard English and correct word forms? Is the paper free of errors in grammar, punctuation, or spelling? 6 = very much so; Overall Content Is the piece as a whole clear, well organized and supported by evidence where appropriate? Is the evidence and reasoning well documented? Does the write up thoroughly cover all aspects of the case? Are all questions answered? Was accounting literature and theory appropriately cited and used as a basis for inclusion?

Were potential alternative solutions explored? Was the decision reached fully explained? 20 = very much so; Quality of Responses to Questions Listed in the Case and Participation in Class Discussion Did the piece respond in a technically correct manner to questions listed in the case? Did the student present the responses in the context of the given business situation such that the write-up stands as a communication to a business situation? Did the student participate in the class dialogue/discussion on the day the assignment was due?

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