Case Assignment: Historical Foundations and Achievements

Briefly discuss the historical context of the development. What was happening during that time period? What spurred the development of the public health achievement? Please write 2-3 paragraphs about this, and be sure to cite sources rather than simply stating your opinion. Was the issue viewed differently then, as compared to the way that it is viewed today? Please explain in 2-3 paragraphs and be sure to cite sources rather than simply stating your opinion. IQ . Which one of the major achievements in public health identified in Building, E. (2010) is especially interesting to you? The eradication of smallpox is especially interesting to me.

For several centuries, people were affected by smallpox. Today, people do not worry about this disease but it was a serious health problem earlier. The world should thank Edward Jennet for developing a vaccine to prevent and control the spread of smallpox. Almost every level of the society was affected by smallpox that is a life threatening disease. Almost one third of the patients went blind. Smallpox was called “the speckled monster” in the eighteenth century England and it claimed nearly 400,000 lives every year. People suddenly suffered the symptoms of smallpox and there was nothing they could o to get rid of it.

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Those who survived had disfiguring scars on their bodies. More infants died from smallpox in England; with nearly 80 percent infants in London and 98 percent in Berlin during the late 1 sass (Ridded, 2005). Spread of smallpox was very serious health problem that affected millions of people worldwide. Edward Jennet invented a vaccine by using a naturally-acquired and mild cowpox to prevent smallpox. More than one thousand people were vaccinated in England alone within three years. The print media played an important role in spreading the word about these vaccinations and smallpox was finally eradicated in 1980 Building, 2010).

Q. In what era did this achievement occur? This achievement occurred during the Age of Enlightenment. Smallpox could not be completely controlled during that period but the invention of the vaccine made it possible to prevent the spread of smallpox and finally eradicate it 1980. As France entered the Age of Enlightenment in the eighteenth century, public health became an important aspect of society. Concept of equality enabled people to understand health in a better way. Infant mortality was focused and government was forced to regulate alcohol and ensure the safety of infants. Health education got popular.

Occupational health was also focused and several occupational ailments were understood and described during this era. Significance of mental health was realized and it was started to be viewed as a health problem. It shows that the Age of Enlightenment was important for the development of health care field (Building, 2010). It was during this era that Edward Jennet invented a vaccine to prevent smallpox by inoculating a healthy eight-year old boy with cowpox; that is a disease caused by virus that is very much like various. The success of this experiment was important for saving people from the dangers of smallpox.

Gladly, the experiment was successful because the boy did not catch smallpox even when he came in contact with various. By 1800, the cowpox vaccine was common because it was mild and had no side effects (What is the history of smallpox vaccination, n. D. ). Q. Was the issue viewed differently then, as compared to the way that it is viewed today? The issue was definitely viewed different then as compared to the way it is viewed today because small pox has been completely eradicated. During the eighteenth century and earlier, smallpox affected millions of lives. The disease parade fast and claimed thousands of lives every year.

Those who survived had disfiguring scars on their body. So it was a very important health problem and scientists like Edward Jennet conducted experiments to prevent the spread of smallpox. Today, small pox does not exist so it is not considered a health problem. By 1972, American children were not required to have smallpox vaccinations and by 1980, small pox was completely eradicated from all parts of the world. No naturally-occurring case of smallpox has occurred since. At present, the small pox virus is stored in two approved labs in the United States ND Russia.

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