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Case AssignmentStrangers In Strange Lands Hypermarkets

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The author points out the fact that limited research is conducted to identify the variables that favors reductionism approaches. The distance between cultures deters managers from understanding the local markets where there are different values than the West. Therefore, lack of awareness is leading to poor strategic decisions. In this paper three contrasting market orientations with the help of ethnographic are discussed. The hypermarket retail stores are distributed globally even though the items vary according to the culture boundaries. For example, 70% of Muslims across the globe follow the ‘hall’ tag for fresh food.

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Case AssignmentStrangers In Strange Lands Hypermarkets
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In Japan, the perishable commodities are purchased from small retailers however non-perishable commodities are purchased from big specialty retailers. The shopping retailers in China contain fans in the roof, vendors with display trays, delivery baskets and crates. The foreigner visitor in such a market believes that such a store outlook is dirty, messy and chaotic. The impression has led them to think to migrate towards the western approach of hyper markets format.

The methodology for the research conducted is at both levels academic as well as firm driven approach.

This is due to the fact that crucial marketing research is needed to point out the culture to avoid being trapped in dogma. The paper further draws attention to the narration of the active participants in developing a retail reality of Chinese culture. An interview was conducted that incorporated managers from all three hypermarket formats Careful, ART-Mart and Tests. In order to have a better understanding the researchers embedded themselves in he local food culture including attending cooking lessons and reading local cook books.

A visit to the Wants stall made the researchers to point out major differences as compared to Deco’s manager. Wants are more prone to develop a long term buyer-seller relationship. They also have a keen interest in education and integration with cultural events. Deco’s managers on the other hand are more focused on quality and providing their customers with a cleaner environment. The researches during the six-years of the study happened to shop in all the three retail stores. The contrast they draw is explained as follows.

ART-Mart use of wet market was a great idea to introduce a stimulating buying experience. Their stalls mostly got crowded in the late half of the day. The fresh food is displayed in bins where buyers had to dig that are a common practice in Chinese culture. The interview with Tests manager revealed a focused on consumer with an ambition to gain a strong share of mind. Careful focused on imported products to meet the excess demand. As for the wet market and hypermarket format they both are concerned with he freshness of food.

They have further elaborated the research by examining consumer focused products such as poultry. In the wet market the competitive advantage laid in the ability to bring fresh chicken to market being capable of producing large volumes. This allowed them to stay open for a long day. The study is presented as a local experience that provides insight to the assumptions in the western reductionism paradigms. The findings of the study propose to explore the concept of alignment to come up with a new conceptual cultural model.

This will help to highlight the complex interactions and problems faced by the markets studied. The retail industry is growing across the globe. Similarly, the meaning of fast food is understood but for Chinese McDonald’s and other restaurants are not the cheapest options available for socializing like in West. The researchers through the analysis tend to draw results that show different consumer perspectives. Furthermore, competitive advantages in the domestic market are more beneficial in fulfilling the needs of the target market as compared to the international market.

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