Case Study Annotated Bibliography Essay

Effects of Diversity Training on Organizations

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Case Study Annotated Bibliography
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Case Study

Getting Results From Diversity Training – in Dollars and Cents. (2003). HR Focus, 80(1), 3-4 The Case Study deals with the effectiveness of diversity training at Nextel Communications, Inc. The case measures the results of increasing diversity awareness to the improvement of employee retention, satisfaction, and productivity. The study helped Nextel create intangible improvements in the culture and atmosphere. Research Question

How does diversity training affect the success of an organization in the 21st century? Annotated Bibliography
Chavez, C. I., & Weisinger, J. Y. (2008). Beyond diversity training: A social infusion for cultural inclusion. Human Resource Management, 47(2), 331-350. Retrieved from direct=true&db=bth&AN=32093948&login.asp&site=ehost-live&scope=site This editorial from the Human Resource Management describes the issues surrounding diversity training and the effect it has on contemporary organizations. The authors’ points out the current approaches used to implement diversity programs.

The article also points out the need of creating an inclusive culture by managing for diversity and realizing the benefits from such a labor force. The authors of this article demonstrates the need to have a process of what diversity training can really achieve for an organization and its importance. This article shows how managing for diversity can be a competitive advantage through the attraction, retention, and leveraging of the unique capacities of a diverse workforce. Ewoh, A. I.,E. (2013). Managing and valuing diversity: Challenges to public managers in the 21 st century. Public Personnel Management, 42(2), 107-122. doi:10.1177/0091026013487048 This editorial from Public Personnel management explores the challenges of managing diversity in the public

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