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            Lack of preparedness in the part of the management greatly affects company performance and productivity - Case study for student analysis Essay introduction. Problems similar to what happened occur due to lack of processes such as anticipation and planning, supervision from company authorities, staff training and a systematic method of handling hires.

         Carl Robins, the campus recruiter, assumed that the training schedule, orientation, manuals, policy booklets, physicals, drug tests, and a host of other issues would be readily accessible. He did not anticipate that it would require advance planning to be able to accomplish these tasks. Prior to the orientation and training of the hires, their transcripts, credentials and applications should be complete to have a meticulous assessment. Materials such as training manuals are important to guide hires in familiarizing and mastering the essential skills and knowledge in line with company’s objectives. The drug test being mandatory could prevent unstable and dangerous people from entering the company. Orientation should be done in an area conducive for learning and interaction such as a training room. All of these components are necessary to facilitate the hiring process.

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         The main problem revolves around the company lacking a reliable system to manage the hiring process. Carl Robins, the new campus recruiter, is the company’s connection with the hires. Carl, being new, is obviously lacking experience in facilitating the initial process. Another point would be that Carl wasn’t following strict guidelines with regards to time allotment, where in there where no target dates that was set by the company specifically intended for his task. Even data collection is unreliable since the hire’s application forms where yet to be competed and there was missing transcripts. All of this would compromise the hiring process and possibly allow entry of under qualified and unreliable persons. The long term implications would cripple the company’s capability and stability.

         Carl Robins as the recruiter is mainly responsible but the higher officials are also partly responsible. Carl lacks the skill and qualities of a good recruiter. He neglected data collection and management, assigning of tasks and use of the company’s resource to carry out his responsibilities. His superiors evidently neglected to brief and train him on the proper procedure on managing and collecting application forms and transcripts of hires, processing of data to be used by clinics for the drug testing and reservation process of facilities such as the training room. This caused to his inability to handle this things. Carl on his part, had no initiative to do things ahead of time to prevent delays due to interruptions and setbacks. This would question his qualifications and abilities and whether his hiring was properly evaluated and assessed together with his orientation process. The main problem can be concluded as the lacking of the company of a reliable system to manage the hiring process.

         In order to prevent the main problem, the company must formulate and establish a system of hiring that will be able to process and complete application forms and credentials of hires, facilitate orientation and avail of company resources to accomplish the following tasks. The system must be available to everyone with connection to the company including the hires, the recruiter and superior officers involved. The cost and budget involved should be greatly considered. Misuse of company resources would disrupt company performance. The system must be cost effective, viable and applicable to company functions.

          One option would be the use of technology such as a digital database accessible through the internet, where in the application forms could be answered by the hires and be sent directly to the company together with their credentials. All of this would be stored as files and could readily be accessed by the company recruiter and other officials. The company network would also contain the files necessary for orientation such as manuals for rules and regulations, references about the company and programs for orientation. Again the hires could easily gain access and be able to utilize it from anywhere, saving the time and effort needed in personally acquiring the manuals. The network should have access to company resources, and give the recruiter capability to allot and reserve the necessary company facility for the orientation. By simply connecting the different departments through a system of computers, the superiors can also keep tract of the activities and development happening in their particular department. Even the drug test could be administered through the internet, by connecting to clinics equipped with computers, and assigning the hires that are in need to be screened. By using computers and the internet, company activities could be facilitated, monitored and logged. And most of all, it speeds up the processes involved in the hiring process and expands connectivity with the hires and staff of the company (Das 1997).

         Another option would be hiring of additional staff to reinforce the hiring function of the company. Each person hired would have specific functions that would collectively hasten and assure effective hiring. Staff for application assistance would be assigned to help the hires answer and complete the application forms, staff for collection and arrangement of data would be assigned to collect the forms and credentials of the hires and file it for the use of the recruiter and his superiors, staff to serve as company representative to external offices such as a clinic, to facilitate the drug test, staff to arrange use of company resources such as reservation of the training room for orientation, and staff to store important documents such as the training manuals and booklets. Additional people are effective when trained and delegated with tasks and given proper instructions. And they are much more interactive as compared to computers.

         Solutions to the problem at hand have different advantages and disadvantages. Use of computers and the internet would be cheaper since communication and connectivity with other people are enhanced and made possible within the confines of the office, eliminating the need to physically travel in answering the application forms and passing the credentials. Storing of important files are also convenient since it can be reproduced and sent to anyone, without reproducing a hard copy. The down side is that computer systems and the internet are susceptible to technical failure such as virus corruption, power outage, hardware and software defect.

         With regards to the human factor of the solution, problems arise due to inequality, overtime hours and fatigue. When people react to stimuli, their performances decline and have a direct effect at the hiring process. And unlike computers they have limits with regards to the number of hours they are available to give their service. The cost would be higher since salaries of employees paid regularly are much more expensive compared to paying for computer maintenance and an internet connection. Conflict of ideas and interests between the staff could greatly slow down the hiring operation. There are many more factors to consider when employing people as compared to utilizing computers. Salary adjustment, bonuses and unpredictable work capabilities are some of the factors that need to be considered.

         The best solution for establishing a reliable system to facilitate the hiring process would be the utilization of a network of computers and the internet, considering the factors such as cost, effectiveness and connectivity. It would help Mr. Carl Robin to keep in contact with the hires through the internet, at the same time, store soft copies of resumes, credentials and transcripts for archiving processes and to be sent for clinics to schedule drug tests for the hires. The system could also be used to contact the person in charge of the training room by sending an electronic message of reservation through his computer. Overall, it speeds up the hiring process and lessens the effort needed to do accomplish tasks. Connectivity is also enhanced since the internet is now available to send external and internal messages.

         The system should not only be used for hiring processes, but also for the other functions of the company to fully utilize its benefits. Considering connectivity, ease of transaction of business anywhere and storage of important information, the computer and the internet simplifies the business process in a click of a button. It eliminates great distances on neighboring countries doing business with each other.


Das, R.K., et al.,(1997) Journal of Scientific & Industrial Research: Selection and Evaluation of Research and Development Projects. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.


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